Rogue Judge Blocks Admin on Obamacare Rule in a Dangerous Move for Our Republic

Wendy Beetlestone with Barack Obama

The judges blocking the ordinary actions of the President are endangering our Republic. They are setting precedents that take the authority from the duly-elected President and put it in the hands of unelected judges, many of whom are partisan and believe in legislating from the bench. It happened again Friday with a rogue judge blocking an administrative action.

President Trump’s administration has put forward new rules to allow moral or religious exemptions for businesses and non-profits who provide health insurance that covers women’s birth control. A U.S. judge Friday blocked the administration from moving forward with the new rules.

Whether you agree or not with the premise, judges unilaterally deciding rules for the country in lieu of the President is dangerous and unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has ruled on this issue.

Birth control can be obtained cheaply and it’s not about money, it’s about allowing government to reign supreme over the core beliefs of Americans. That aside, no matter the merits of the cases before the court, it is not the prerogative of rogue judges to hijack the authority of Congress or the President.

It’s happening with regularity in the case of travel bans, climate change rules, anti-land grab decisions, transgender troops, et al, and now Obamacare rules. They won’t let the Republican President be president.

This is about preventing the Republican president from enacting an agenda. It’s Banana Republic stuff.

U.S. District Judge Wendy Beetlestone in Philadelphia issued a preliminary injunction preventing enforcement of the rules.

Beetlestone wrote that Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat who sued to block the rules, was likely to succeed in establishing that the administration did not follow proper notice procedures when issuing the new rules.

Not once were any of Barack Obama’s rules blocked.

Beetlestone issued her injunction nationwide. This judge in Philly thinks she has the right to decide a rule for the entire nation.

She cited the “remarkable breadth” of the new rules. Religious or moral reasons aren’t good enough to block the left-wing ideal of birth control in her opinion.

She claims the rule will have an “insidious effect” by allowing employers who don’t want women in the workplace to keep them out by stopping contraceptive coverage. The judge didn’t provide proof of that far-fetched result taking place prior to Barack Obama forcing that rule on The Little Sisters of the Poor, Mennonites, Evangelicals and so on.

“Donald Trump broke the law to undermine women’s health, and women here in Pennsylvania stood up and proved that in court,” the complainant said in a statement.

The lawsuit is among several that Democratic state attorneys general filed after the Republican Trump administration revealed the new rules on Oct. 6. A federal judge in California heard arguments in a similar case on Tuesday.

As an aside, Democrat Attorneys General are the ones who want to imprison climate doubters based on their opinions.

This judge is essentially saying Obama could pass rules she agreed with but Trump can’t change any of them.

James Hasson addresses the issue in The Federalist in reference to judges blocking the transgender rules in the military. It’s a good read and can be found on this link. In relation to the transgender issue, though it applies to all the rogue judges’ decisions, Hasson said, “Unfortunately, district court judges in both Maryland and the District of Columbia have chosen to ignore not only the Supreme Court’s guidance but also the facts and history behind the Trump policy.”

If judges can unilaterally usurp the President’s role, we are no longer a Republic, we don’t have elected officials in charge, and we are heading for anarchy.

During the eight years Barack Obama was in office, he filled the courts with far-left judges, many of them ACLU types.


  1. The perfect storm of Obama, Hillary Clinton followed by President Trump has served to expose to We The People, the soft, vulnerable and dangerous under-belly of all which is broken and must be fixed in this country.

    Since when do judges legislate from the bench? Answer: Since Obama appointed a SCOTUS justice who made it her practice to do so and several jackass Republicans gave her the thumbs up. After decades of Democrats skunk dirty tricks and corrupt behaviors, people like Lindsey Graham believed the president should be given the respect of having his appointments approved … AS IF DEMOCRATS WOULD EVER RETURN THAT RESPECT.

    Hey Lindsey, get that piece of straw you’ve been chewing on out of your mouth and wake up.

    So should any of us be surprised that the judicial branch has been equally corrupted as the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, etc.? What is very definitely high lighted here, there MUST be recourse for these rogue judges who step way beyond their purview of power, who take their oath of allegiance to the Democrat Leftist movement and not to the Constitution.

    Every one of them should be impeached for dereliction of duty.

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