Rolling Stone’s Latest Pin Up Is a Mad Bomber Who Killed a 7-Year Old


mad bomber

Rolling Stone has brought journalism to a never-before-reached low and that is saying something. They are more interested in getting attention than doing the right thing. That’s what we have come to.

Rolling Stone gave Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the front cover of their August issue. Notice the caption, Jahar was a popular, promising student who “fell” – he just “fell” – into Islam. He’s a sociopath! What don’t they get?

They picked the best picture of Jahar available. In fact, it’s the only one I’ve seen of him where he looks good. Would they have done that for say, George Bush?

Here’s one of George Bush but he doesn’t rate the way the mad bomber does:
bush on rolling stone

Here is a better photo of Dzhorkhar fleeing the scene after he left the bomb that killed a 7-year old and destroyed the child’s family:


Here is the little b@$ta@rd scouting out his victims:


Wouldn’t this have been a better picture for their cover, little Martin who wished for peace and “no more hurting people”?


On a positive note, the Drop Kick Murphys donated $300,000 to the Boston bombing victims and they are not writing memorial songs to pay tribute to the monster! They don’t plan to put a “hot” picture of the freak on their next album either.

Update: 7/18/13: While Politico, the Washington Post and Slate think the cover is perfectly fine and while Rolling Stone continues to defend the cover as falling within traditional journalism, some are boycotting the August edition including CVS, Tedeschi Food Shops, Walgreens, Shaw’s, Roche Brothers supermarkets, Cumberland Farms, Stop & Shop, et al.

Mayor Thomas Menino wrote in a statement that the cover “rewards a terrorist with celebrity treatment.” He added,  “To respond to you in anger is to feed into your obvious marketing strategy… The survivors of the Boston attacks deserve Rolling Stonecover stories, though I no longer feel that Rolling Stone deserves them.”