Romer Laughing Up the Bad Budget With Maher


This segment of Christina Romer with the ever-huggable Bill Maher reminds me of Obama laughing it up with his now famous jest,”I guess we weren’t as shovel ready as we thought.”

Romer doesn’t see our not having a budget for two years or the debate over the debt ceiling as an emergency or even necessary. Isn’t she the one who said the Stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%??? Yes, she is.

Romer does think all this is hysterically funny. “We’re pretty damn Fuc$ed,” she spewed so eloquently as she Hahaha’d it up. Bill Maher’s response, “Hahahaha”

The problem, according to them, is that Bush did a worse job than we thought and we didn’t spend enough money – the Stimulus and TARP were hardly enough. The stupid Palinized people stopped the effective Stimulus from being even more enormous.

My take – the Stimulus was ineffective because it paid off special interests and created part-time and temporary jobs. However, let’s not have the facts get in the way of the Obamanized stupid people.

Romer loves Keynesian economics. It must be all the success we’ve had enacting it for the last three years – what an improvement over Bush (irony here).

“People just want to say the sky is green,” Romer said.

Well, I guess we’re letting little things block our visual plane like the failed stimulus, high unemployment, stalled growth, ratings downgrade, manufacturing depression, et cetera as we look at the “blue Keynesian sky.”

Listen to Romer curse and laugh with that ever so delightful Bill Maher, former comedian, current hate monger.