Romney’s Speech Moved to Solidify Votes for Trump



Full disclosure – I’m not a Trump supporter though I could be at some point.


The idiot establishment said they would let the voters decide and they also said they would support the eventual nominee. They seem to think the people are ignorant and don’t know all that has been said. They sent Romney out to kill off Trump’s candidacy but they probably just solidified all the votes of Trump supporters. They don’t get it and in their arrogance, they think Trumpsters are ignorant dopes.

Where was Romney as Obama blew up our Constitution?

Romney is a good man and should be respected, however, he lost his election because he cowered and wouldn’t go after Obama. He lost because he was a corporate raider who established the first Obamacare in his state.

There is little doubt Romney sincerely believes Trump will destroy the country, however, his speech reflects the lack of awareness on the part of the GOP establishment. They don’t understand that the people who support Trump won’t be talked out of it, Trumpsters are knowledgeable, and the establishment deson’t understand that people think Trump will fight where Romney would not.

Republicans can’t stand conservatives and right now the established Republicans would rather blow up the party than allow any conservative winning, even a conservative who is not a conservative – Donald Trump. Trumpsters feel the same way – burn, baby, burn.

Only one-third of the GOP voters have so far voted for Trump, however, by the time Trump reaches the convention, he will be very close to the requisite 1200 delegates. Is the establishment going to tell these voters that their vote doesn’t matter?

Condemning Trump’s sketchy conservatism, Mitt Romney is reminding people that he is not a conservative either. He is the epitome of establishment so why is he trying to convince us Trump is a wastrel who isn’t even a good businessman? Why are they doing it now? People are entrenched.

There is a serious concern by many if Trump is elected. According to some recent polls, about 48% of Republicans will not vote for Trump. What does that mean for the party? When will Trump reach out to the rest of the GOP? Is the establishment 48% of the party? I don’t think so.

Romney would have been more helpful endorsing someone rather than dividing the party more today. Some of his criticisms just sounded like political flummery and angry hate speech.

Romney does speak to many on a number of issues. Trump’s foreign policy comments, for example, terrify some and there is good reason for that.

Romney went after Trump’s bankruptcies that he says “crushed small business.” However, he said something quite different when he accepted his endorsement in 2012. Romney said Trump was more successful than him.

This is more proof that we can’t trust any of these people. This is two rich white guys attacking each other, proving the left’s points. Romney was a corporate raider and that hurt him during his campaign run.

There is little doubt that the conservative spokespersons and politicians who are coming out against Trump are very concerned about the dangers of a Trump presidency but also mixed in with that is the fact that voters know big, monied backers and greedy corporations are behind all these people and Trump is not beholden to them.

Some of the things Romney condemned Trump for in his speech was nothing but political flummery and recently he pulled a Harry Reid “dirty trick” on Trump by saying there is probably something to hide in his tax returns though he had no evidence. He brought that up again today.

Romney encouraged people to vote for Kasich in Ohio and Rubio in Florida to deny Trump the nomination and let it go to the convention. Does he think Trump supporters will vote for an establishment candidate should events at the convention lead to that?

Instead of talking about this lie that Trump supports the KKK, why don’t they condemn the party of the KKK – the Democrats?

The establishment lies about the economy, they ignore the Marxists, the omnibus was disgusting. They need to stop their condescension. The establishment politicos act like the problem is Trump and Cruz as they allow Obama to run amok. Why are they allowing terrorists and drug cartels to cross our borders?  Why aren’t they ripping into Hillary who is a corrupt lying criminal? Why are they going after their own???

More Republicans love what Romney had to say today and agree with him. There are more anti-Trump supporters than supporters but they are ignoring the Cruz people. Some Cruz voters will vote Trump and they won’t vote Kasich or Rubio. This won’t coalesce the anti-Trump support the way they tried to do today.

If they want to stop Trump, they should coalesce around Cruz but they won’t. They fear Cruz because they know he won’t cave to them.


Romney said Trump supports torture and killing kids. That of course is out of context. The torture he is talking about are water boarding that Bush followed and he only meant killing in terms of war. Some may think that’s terrible but he wasn’t referring to targeting children to be fair.

A business genius he is not but that’s not what Romney said in the past.

Trump proposed putting ISIS in charge of Syria. That is somewhat out of context. He said he’d let ISIS take out Assad. His plan didn’t make sense to me.

Trump’s promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He also wants to hear the NY Times audio. However, the New York Times editor said there’s nothing in the audio.

Our serious policy proposals are coming from Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich, Romney said. At least he mentioned Cruz. The establishment hates him and acts like he doesn’t exist despite the fact that he is the only one at the moment with a path to the nomination though future primaries say he will not prevail.

Praising Putin and bashing Bush is “evil trumping good”.

Romney said how Trump responds to his speech will show his temperament but Romney is bashing Trump using personal attacks to be fair.

Trump is not fit for the presidency.

Trump is a “con man”. That is the line Rubio is using.

Romney said Trump is “playing the American people for suckers.”

In an open letter to Trump supporters posted on his Facebook page, Sen. Ben Sasse condemned Donald Trump. Reps. Reid Ribble (Wis), Mark Sanford (SC), Carlos Curbelo (Fla), Scott Rigell (Va), Massachusetts Governor Charle Baker have come out against Donald Trump.

This is what happened to Barry Goldwater when the GOP joined the Democrats to destroy Goldwater. They wanted to  do away with Goldwater in 1964 and ended up with Lyndon Baines Johnson and his Big Government policies.

They were the same people who were behind Reagan.

That was the beginning of the movement that is now willing to settle for non-conservative Trump.


  1. Why is this looser even talking. This stinks of desperation, will do exactly nothing other than drive even more people to Trump. Which is fine with me, I like watching the GOP and Media squirm!!!!

  2. Wow, the powers that be do not want Trump. Makes me think Trump will do a great job and they want to continue with status quo. So, Feck you Mitt Romney. Trump and his money was good enough for you when you had your hand out. You are pathetic.

  3. Leave it to the politically clumsy, tin eared Mitt Romney to step on & distract from the biggest political story of the week; or maybe even the year. The guy who set up “Felon in Waiting”, Hillary Clinton’s private email server “HAS BEEN GIVEN IMMUNITY”.
    Mitt should have focused his fire on taking down Hill instead of boosting Trump. How many times can these guys possibly get it all wrong?

  4. Romney is such a loser. And the establishment Republicans are such hypocrites. Let the people speak Mitt, don’t be such a tool. You are pathetic.

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