Romney’s VP Choice Likely to be Paul Ryan

Rep. Paul Ryan

NBC and the Huffington Post are reporting that Romney will introduce Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice-presidential pick in Norfolk on Saturday morning.

It will energize the conservatives in the party, who have been feverishly campaigning for him to be the candidate. Ryan is seen as an intellectual leader who seeks to shrink government. At the same time, the Democrats will go after Ryan’s budget slashing plan which changes Medicare into a voucher program.

Ryan has been criticized by the left for his budget plan, The Path to Prosperity, that slows the growth of spending but which they say does not decrease the deficit [an inaccurate statement by the way]. Ryan has not specified which programs would be cut.  I’d like to know where Obama’s plan is so we can compare.

Paul Ryan, born in 1970, is the representative from Wisconsin’s 1st congressional and has served in the position since 1999.

Ryan graduated from Miami University in Ohio. He has been an aide, a legislative director and a speechwriter.

He is currently the Chairman of the powerful House Committee on the Budget.

He has presented strong opposition to SOPA and wants to protect a free Internet.