Ron Johnson – WH Says “We Can’t Tell Americans the Truth, We’ll Scare ‘Em”


On Saturday, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson told Breitbart that Democrats lie to Americans so as to not “scare them”. They see us as unable to handle the truth or somehow unworthy of knowing the truth. They are the elite.

Since being elected, Johnson says he has kept to his campaign pledges to always tell the truth to the best of his ability and to behave the same way during his term as he would during a reelection period.

Johnson said he tells people the “harsh reality. That’s why they call him Mr. Sunshine. The reason they don’t want to tell the truth is they’d have to do something”.

To illustrate, he tells a story of a meeting in the White House with a small group of Republicans to discuss the projected deficit, which over the next thirty years will reach about $126 trillion according to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office).

During the meeting, Obama claimed he wanted everything on the table on both the expense and revenue side of the ledger.

Johnson urged Obama to show the numbers to the American people, saying, “Take to the American people the truth. Show them the depth of the problem so we can collectively admit we have the problem.”

Obama replied, “Ron, we can’t show the American public numbers that big. If we do we’ll scare ’em. Besides Ron, we can’t do all the work. We have to leave something for future presidents, future Congresses.”

Johnson calls it a bi-partisan problem of a government filled with “reality deniers.”

“If you really want to sum up the problem with liberalism in general is they deny reality. They deny the reality of basic human behavior, describing how there are many well-intentioned programs that have destroyed the American family.”

He added that Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn resigned as head of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) over the Obama regime’s refusal to pursue or develop the information obtained in the Osama Bin Laden raid because it failed to mesh with the official White House spin that the war on terror was being won.

We are being lied to by the regime on every issue.

In addition to what Senator Johnson has said, with the big government, nanny state mentality comes the father-child relationship established by the ruling elite and the public.

Democrats have no commitment to transparency. The burgeoning budget, for example, while portrayed as of little concern is in fact, selling out our children and our grandchildren. Americans will never accept cuts until they understand the magnitude of the problem but they aren’t going to hear the truth from the elite in charge.

Americans aren’t hearing the truth of the dangers from overseas and from within so how can they be expected to respond as well-informed citizens? Democrats don’t see the need – they’ll take care of it – without us – because we can’t handle the truth.

When government lies to the people, it makes lying commonplace and accepted, it breeds corruption, distrust and fear. It is not knowing that will “scare ’em”, it’s not-knowing and being lied to.

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” ~ Thomas Jefferson