Rouhani Refuses Three Meetings with an Obsequious Obama


President Obama’s toadying up to mass murderer Hasan Rouhani, Iran’s figurehead, was met with the usual embarrassing snub. Rouhani wouldn’t even meet with Obama to shake his hand after all the media speculation, speculation prompted in part by Obama’s PR people.

Why aren’t the Democrats and anti-Cruz Republicans railing against Obama for his foolish cajoling? His entreaties to Iran continually leave him and, by default, the American people, with egg on our collective faces?

Rouhani said he was too busy to listen to Obama’s speech before the General Assembly in which Obama announced that he would make overtures to Iran. Obama hosted a luncheon and Rouhani failed to show – must have been busy because he didn’t even remember to RSVP. Rouhani then refused to meet Obama for a handshake.

You know what? Good for him. It’s his opportunity to make fools of our country and it was handed to him by our leader.

One of Obama’s peeps offered this in the way of a lame excuse: “The Iranians got back to us. It was clear that it was too complicated for them to do that at this time, given their own dynamic back home.”

I doubt the Iranians even got back to them or were concerned about the dynamic back home.

Some in the media wonder what is going on. What is the wonder? Rouhani is making fools of us and making a weak president beg. He knows Obama wants the easy way out and is willing to let Iran get the bomb.

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