Rubio Absolutely Supports Amnesty, Calls It Something Else



by Rupert Alvarez

Marco Rubio supports amnesty, he just doesn’t support blanket amnesty. He wants a wall and fence but he just wants them to close off one-third of the border. He’s a conservative until a Schumer or a McCain gets hold of him.

I’m Hispanic, my parents came here legally, and I don’t want a path to citizenship for people who came here illegally. I will vote for anyone who will close the borders and not give a path to citizenship to people who violated our laws.

My parents struggled to come here LEGALLY for the constitution of this country. It is or was a country of laws where people can achieve great things, limited only by their own shortcomings.

Legalization fine, citizenship, no, never. They have to earn it and get to the end of the line. That is what is fair. I don’t care if they came from my hometown where I still have family.

Marco Rubio told Bill O’Reilly Friday night that he’ll build a 700 mile fence but the border is almost 2,000 miles long and no one calls him on it. He was the poster boy for the senate immigration bill which didn’t deal with visa overstays and it didn’t close the border.

O’Reilly was so intent on not setting Rubio up with gotcha questions that he didn’t call him on those points.

Rubio said he wasn’t granting “blanket amnesty”. He will grant amnesty, it just won’t be blanket, they’ll have to wait five, ten years and pay a fine but there will be exceptions for the fines and the wait times if he does what he agreed to in the senate gang of eight bill.

Rubio won’t build the wall, he’ll build 700 miles of walls and FENCING. Nothing will be done, he says, until they’ve put in place e-verify, more agents, and a tracking system but he said that before, both in Florida and before the Senate bill.

Rubio described the requirements of the senate bill as the process he would adopt for the immigrants to apply for a green card. Some people might like that, I don’t, but he also said he’d find out what the American people want which would be refreshing after eight years of a Marxist.

On Sanctuary Cities: Rubio told O’Reilly he will cut federal law enforcement funding. He didn’t say welfare. He was cagey and specific – law enforcement funding.

Rubio does support Kate’s Law to his credit. He made another good point about the Democrat party being the far-left party. It’s been hijacked.

He’s weak on illegal immigration and easily falls prey to the wiles of the establishment and we saw that with the immigration bill.

Rubio is slippery. Listen carefully to what he says. He’s consistent and he’s going to do what he did with the senate immigration bill and will be happy to do it.

Part of the deal he made with Obama for the senate bill to pass was to reject all amendments. Rubio voted against every amendment Cruz and Sessions came up with.

We have anchor babies and now he wants anyone brought here arbitrarily while under a certain age also declared citizens. Why have rules at all?

Why did these Republicans, including Rubio even negotiate our immigration law? What right did the president have to negotiate whether or not he’d follow the law. The senate bill would have sent a message to the world that we grant amnesty if you’re patient and if you have a child under 21, they will become citizens. It sets up endless illegal immigration.

Last year, Rubio told George Stephanopoulos that he “absolutely” supported tuition assistance for illegal aliens if they had good grades and have been in the country for a defined length of time. It’s another invitation for illegal immigration and who gets to pay?

While Rubio briefly distanced himself of his support for DREAMer amnesty in 2010 in order to get elected to the U.S. Senate—and indeed attacked attacked his opponent Charlie Crist specifically for his support of the DREAM Act—upon arriving in the U.S. Senate, Rubio quickly used his new position of power to begin working on a plan to legalize so-called DREAMers. In 2012, Rubio wrote:

“They’re not in compliance with immigration law, and, thus, not American citizens. But they are culturally as American as anyone else’s children”

You want to slow or stop illegal immigration then – no citizenship, never and no Rubio either.

A couple years ago, he argued for legalization first before the borders are closed. The senate bill didn’t get rid of the family chain migration and it wasn’t based on skill but you’d never know that from what Rubio says during the interview. Why did he even agree to negotiate with Obama? What was the rush?