Rubio Continues Telling Tall Tales About the Immigration Bill


Rubio the Myth Teller

Photo of Rubio the Myth Teller

Marco Rubio isn’t leveling about one of the amendments in his immigration bill. Breitbart News reported on Monday that the $1.5 billion Jobs for Youth amendment provides transportation and child care, allowing the funds to be used to rent, lease or possibly purchase any type of vehicle. Breitbart also reported that tax dollars will be used to fund the program. Rubio came out with a press release on Tuesday claiming that Breitbart’s report was a “myth.”

The amendment literally states that the money “may be used to provide supportive services, such as transportation or child care, that is necessary to enable the participation of such youth in the opportunities.” That seems pretty clear. It pays for transportation.

A GOP aide told Breitbart News that “This [provision in the amendment] appears to give states authority to buy, lease or rent motorcycles, cars and scooters or anything kids want to buy to get to and from a job.”

Rubio said that the language refers to services not goods. The amendment does refer to services but services can easily be interpreted as leases, rentals, and possibly purchases.

Rubio’s press release claimed it “does not cost any taxpayer money.”

“It is being funded directly by a new fee that foreigners will pay when they’re applying for visas,” Rubio’s office said in the release. “This program is being created because of concerns about American kids competing with foreign workers for low-skill jobs, so to protect them, foreign workers will pay for job training programs for American youth.”

The Congressional Budget Office, however, said that the provision would increase spending and only a small part is offset by new fees on immigrant visas in the first two decades. The part not offset has to come from taxpayers. Deplorably, the $1.5 billion set aside for this program, which will be divvied up among the states, will only last for a little more than a year.

The immigration bill includes many opportunities for waivers to fees and it seems unlikely that the federal government will see a lot of the money they are counting on.

For Rubio to say the amendment will not cost tax dollars is patently untrue. Rubio’s statements differentiating services from goods is incredibly naive. The myths are coming out of Rubio’s office.

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