Rubio Gives Me Hope on Immigration Reform – Hope It Will Fail


Marco Rubio photo of Marco Rubio and his children

The immigration bill put together by the gang of eight left me speechless because it was bad, really bad. You can link to the bill here and read it for yourselves.

One of the aspects of the bill which I find unacceptable is that people here illegally – new Americans as they will be called – and their families will be “legal.” Loopholes in the law will allow these tens of millions to collect Obamacare and welfare, according to some members of the House who are lawyers. We simply cannot afford it.

Rubio was one of the gang of eight who drew up the bill. I was concerned that Rubio not only supported the draft bill, but also agreed to promote it as spokesperson.

On the Mike Gallagher show, Marco admitted there were problematic loopholes – a good sign!

He brought up some of the problems with our current immigration system. Most or all of his views are acceptable or enthusiastically embraced by the majority of people.

Marco said many of the pages in the 844-page bill are a rewriting of laws they would replace. He failed to mention that many clauses in the bill will require rules, which is where we got into the most trouble with Obamacare.

Go to 04:23 in the video below and listen to the slight change in Governor Rubio’s attitude.

Rubio told Mike Gallagher that he understands how things have been done in the past but that is not what he signed up for and the bill is only a starting point. He said you don’t pretend you have all the answers in response to some failings in the bill.

Rubio said if people have problems with components of the bill, then that should be addressed, but he doesn’t want to throw out the entire bill.

He accepts that people do not trust the bill because of how things have been done, and the suspicion is legitimate.

He added that the bill as is will not pass the House and it must be amended (the gang of eight originally said they would not allow amendments.)

Mike Gallagher asked about the bill as a path to open borders. Rubio agreed there were those people but the essential problem needs to be addressed. We have 11 million illegal people and we are not going to round them up. We have to work out a system that’s fair to everyone.

Gallagher asked Rubio about the thousands of exemptions that appear to exempt people from the immigration laws at a bureaucrat’s discretion. Rubio said it is an exaggeration but agreed there are exemptions. He brought up one of the exemptions which is not being questioned.

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I have felt and still feel that Marco Rubio is a good candidate for higher office but I think he’s a little green and is being roped in by the lefties in his gang.

During the interview, he said that he welcomed the discussion in the House. That could be the case since it might be his way out of this mess. The bill is bad and he has to know it.

Politico had a story recently about the politics involved. They said that Rubio wanted out. They quoted a McCain aide as saying Rubio couldn’t get out because the bill had gone too far. They then said Rubio was selected as the spokesperson.

It did come to pass that he became the spokesperson and we can only guess as to the accuracy of the rest of the story though I am inclined to believe it. It sounds like McCain.

Someone needs to get McCain away from my candidate!.