Rudy Giuliani Forgot September 11…No, Wait, the Media Lied En Masse


Former mayor Rudy Giuliani stumped for Donald Trump in Youngstown, Ohio Monday and was excoriated in the press for allegedly forgetting there were no terrorist attacks on US soil before Barack Obama. Giuliani’s words were taken out of context by the media so they could deceive the public but it wasn’t only one media outlet that did it.

They don’t care that they will be caught in the lie because the damage is done and most people don’t hear the rebuttal — they control the news.

Slate actually corrected them but don’t think they did it magnanimously, they used the opportunity to knock Giuliani and Trump.

The facts are that right before this section of his speech, the former mayor said that “[on] Sept. 11, when we went through the worst foreign attack in our history since the War of 1812.”

Giuliani was praising Pence’s work “during the time of 9/11” before he switched to the comments about eight years without another attack.

Giuliani clearly meant there wasn’t an attack during the 2001–2009 period after 9/11 and not the entirety of the eight years before Obama took office.

This is the full clip:

On Reddit, the lie continues under Politics but the correction is under Donald Trump (who is not included in Politics) with only a handful of comments.



It would be nice to know if these outlets met and planned this before they posted this misleading video and the corresponding deceitful headlines. We know they do that.

Every one of these outlets taped the full speech.

This was posted at Buzzed and reposted by the LA Times:

Talking Points Memo:

Talking Points

Then there is Washington Post which corrected themselves by saying he “conveniently omitted it”.