Rudy Giuliani says “It all starts at the top. It’s the tone that’s set by the President.”


Rudy Giuliani blamed Barack Obama for the unrest in Ferguson and other disturbing events. He said he sets the tone for the nation.

Giuliani spoke Thursday on WNYM-AM’s “The Answer” with host John Gambling. Giuliani says Obama isn’t addressing the “enormous amount of crime” being committed by blacks.

He said “It all starts at the top. It’s the tone that’s set by the President.” The former mayor said he just returned from a trip overseas, and the United States is constantly derided there as a “racist state.”

“It is the obligation of the President to explain . . . that our police are the best in the world,” said Giuliani.

Giuliani said Barack Obama should be more like Bill Cosby and encourage black people to focus on education and parenting.

This isn’t new. Giuliani has said it before.

Two months ago, he blamed Obama and black leaders for stoking “anti-police hatred”.

He told Fox News on Thursday that Officer Darren Wilson should have been commended for doing his job.

“A man committed a robbery, attempted to assault a police officer, and the police officer, to save his life, shot him. The police officer did his duty. The police officer should be commended for what he did. He did exactly what you should do.”

Giuliani has courage. He’s a lone voice in a wilderness of irrational thought, lies and obfuscations.

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