Rudy Guiliani’s Greatest Speech: Warns of Nuclear Iran


I hope Rudy’s taxes are in order.

Rudy Giuliani gave a highly emotional speech to the Iranian-American Community of Arizona last week. The subject was Countering Islamic Fundamentalism. He should have been invited to the Obama summit on extremism instead of the radical Islamic groups.

Rudy Giuliani said he has never seen anything like this.

Neither have any of us.

“They have been murdered, they have been slaughtered, they have been raped, they have been tortured , they have been beheaded, they have been burned by a movement the president of United State will not recognize,” Giuliani cried out.

An emotional Rudy Giuliani asked. “What is wrong with him?!”

“What is wrong with him”, Giuliani cried incredulously. “Is there no caring for them?”

Iran has been responsible for more American deaths than any terrorist group. Iran is the largest supporter of terrorism in the world but Obama is negotiating with them.

Iran doesn’t need nuclear power, they have enough oil for 1,000 years and they haven’t even started fracking yet, they don’t need nuclear energy, so why do they want this? Giuliani asked.

Giuliani said only a moron would do the things currently being done.

Giuliani would go anywhere to protect his country and he wouldn’t care what the president of the United States thinks.

The president of the United States should not be allowed to present an agreement with Iran without presenting it to Congress. This is not a government run by the president. The Congress of the United States speaks for the people of the United States.

Guiliani talked about Camp Liberty where 3,000 Iraqi people are being held hostage. It is a killing field. We left them there and John Kerry has put stumbling blocks in the way of bringing them to the U.S.

The Sentinel wrote about the camp in 2013. It’s a particularly despicable performance by the U.S. These are Iraqis who fought for the U.S. and who were promised freedom. We abandoned them to get a deal with Iran. Only 7 planes would be needed to evacuate them and save their lives.

The group formed in the 1960’s to oppose the Shah of Iran. They agreed to lay down their arms in exchange for international protection. The head of the group is a woman, Maryam Radjavi (photo below).


The group was on the terrorist list but were removed by Great Britain when they agreed to follow a peaceful path.

They have been enormously helpful to our generals and have assisted Israelis.

When we left Iraq, Mr. Obama did not arrange for a status of forces agreement and, as a result, these people were left to be slaughtered despite the fact that we gave them asylum.

The U.S. should be airlifting these people out of there now.

Iran, even as they are attempting to seduce our administration, is arranging for massacres.

It’s going on all over the world.

Guiliani wants to know where the moderate Muslims are.