Rupert Murdoch to Close News of the World Amid Scandal

Rupert Murdoch is Closing News of The World and Beefing Up The Sun

Rupert Murdoch is closing News of the World amid scandal. The sister publication, The Sun. will now print 7 days a week to compensate. It will be down with the World but The Sun will rise.

Rupert Murdoch is about to purchase more of the BBC Sky News (he already owns 37%), and cannot let the scandal surrounding News of the World affect that deal. Rupert Murdoch also abandoned MySpace recently.

News of the World is involved in an alleged hacking scandal in which the family of a murdered teen and other non-celebrities were possibly hacked and spied upon.

There is no proof presented at this time, but there are rumors that Murdoch will admit to it. With the War on Fox in full force in the United States, Murdoch has to be careful about any such attack. Murdoch’s publications will actually become leaner but meaner with this move. Read here: Closing News of the World