Rush Limbaugh Explains Obamacare Navigators



The government plans to hire 140,000 new government workers to navigate the massive Obamacare bill. No one read it and no one understands it so we need navigators. Union workers, activists and health care workers will all be part of the government Obamacare army of “navigators.”

Many will earn upwards of $20 an hour. It will end up adding another $5 billion per year to the Obamacare budget to start.

The 63-page rule covering navigators, drawn up by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, said the government will provide translators for every language in the world. I hope they have an expert in pig Latin. I really expect someone to be able to speak with me in my native Brooklyn language.

Also included is a voter registration form because they’re betting the applicants will be Democrats.

All this expense while sequester is causing cancer patients enrolled in Medicare to be cut off from life-saving treatments. That’s Obama’s sequester because it was his idea and during the second presidential debate he promised it would never happen. He was also offered the opportunity to determine how the cuts would be made by Republicans in the House and he declined.

Don’t worry, our president is on it. Oh, no, wait, he’s fundraising in Colorado, California and Florida and then he’s golfing. Maybe next week he’ll have time, no rush.

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