Russ Feingold Wants the Government to Take Over the Internet


Democrat Russ Feingold wants to make the Internet a public utility — nationalize it — so the government can control it. The Big Government wants to regulate and tax it and push all the business to Google no doubt.

The excuse for nationalizing the Internet is the government can do a better job of getting access to everyone. What they want to do is tax Americans to pay for everyone to have Internet. The left sees it as a right.

What the left really wants the most is to control Internet speech.

Feingold subtly demonized companies for the lack of Internet in some regions. Feingold said three companies control it all so his solution is for the one biggest monopoly of all to control it — the government.

“This needs to be a utility,” Feingold said. “Everybody needs to have it. You can’t let these three big companies have control.”

Feingold has a plan that also calls for further investment in technical education and greater support for Trade Adjustment Assistance, which helps workers transition into new careers, as well as investment in more traditional infrastructure.

Investment is of course the left-wing euphemism for taxation.

Feingold hopes to win back his seat from Ron Johnson and he is in the lead.

Can you imagine sometime in the future googling, “Hillary emails” or “Benghazi scandal”, and getting the message “no results found”?

The left plans to nationalize every sector of society. That should terrify people.

Source: LaCrosse Tribune


  1. Why I am fed up with almost every politician at the local, state, and national level. They all think more governance is needed for everything.

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