Russia Plans Military Bases Around the World While Obama Guts Our Military



Russia Military News reported on February 26 that Russia will expand its military presence outside its borders by installing military bases in several foreign countries. The information came from Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Seychelles, Singapore and several other countries will be included. 

“The talks are under way, and we are close to signing the relevant documents,” Shoigu told reporters in Moscow.

Also part of the negotiations are visits to ports and the opening of refueling sites for RUSSIAN STRATEGIC BOMBERS ON PATROL.

Until now, Russia’s only naval base outside the former Soviet Union is in Tartus, Syria.

Putin sees that as a way to project Russia’s image abroad and protect its national interests, interests which are growing because of their imperialistic goals.

In June, the Russian military news reported 100 new defense infrastructure facilities will be built; 316 garrison towns to be built; other installations slated for construction will include air, land, naval test sites and advanced training centers; new weaponry must be up by 75% by 2020, Medvedev said; and $730 billion has been set aside for an armed forces rearmament program.

On the other hand, as Mr. Obama gives raises to bureaucrats, he has gutted the military.

Remember early January, 2012,  Obama claimed that “even as our troops continue to fight in Afghanistan, the tide of war is receding.”

No one believed that except his uninformed followers.

Hagel, doing the bidding of Obama, announced earlier this year that the Defense Department budget calls for shrinking the Army to pre-World War II levels, a scaling-back, he said, that “recognizes the reality of the magnitude of our fiscal challenges.”

“For the first time in 13 years, we will be presenting a budget to the Congress of the United States that’s not a war-footing budget,” Hagel said. “That’s a defining budget because it starts to reset and reshape.”

The only thing Obama is willing to cut is our military. Our safety must be sacrificed so he can fundamentally change America.

In March of this year, in an interview with Candy Crowley, Sen. Lindsey Graham said the Obama administration’s proposed budget “guts our defense” and ignores the need for military preparation for future conflicts. Graham said on “State of the Union” that “440,000 members of the United States army is a gutted army.

“This budget by President Obama guts our defense. It is the smallest army since 1940, the smallest Navy since 1915 and the smallest air force in modern history,” he said.

Graham said if the United States needed to step in to stop an escalation of Iran’s nuclear program, the military would have to use every B-2 and F-22 aircraft available.

“So if you’re going to modernize your military for future conflicts, this budget will not allow you to do it. And the idea you’re going to make – you taking off what kind of wars you’re going to fight assumes the enemies of our nation will agree with you.”

In fact, our army will be smaller than Turkey’s army.

Dick Durbin, a very far-left guy, said it reflects the changing environment.

Is this the environment we want in the United States? Obama is stripping power and prestige away from the United States while Putin plans to spread out throughout the world.