Russian Hacking Fake News Has a Purpose


The alleged Russian hacking of the electoral process has conveniently distracted from all the egregious activities of the Democrat Party, Barack Obama and the Clintons.

Does anyone remember how the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s team rigged the election against Bernie Sanders? No, of course not, because everyone is talking about Russian hacking of the electoral process, which may or may not be true.

We need to remember what they’ve done.

Hillary was given Primary debate questions beforehand.

The DNC sabotaged Bernie’s campaign beginning with the Super Delegates.

Hillary, her team, and the DNC colluded with all the major media networks and newspapers.

The Clinton team even secured support covertly from foreign nations.

The mainstream media is an arm of the Democrat Party.

Hillary runs a criminal enterprise centered around pay-to-play schemes. The Clintons sell favors.

Hillary – and Obama – knew ISIS was being funded by U.S. allies we were arming — Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The DNC and the Clintons hate Catholics. John Podesta, the architect of the Clinton campaign, has a plan to infiltrate and corrupt the Catholic Church itself. They also hate Israel.

Hillary knew the private server was illegal. She violated national security over and over again with little regard for the safety of Americans. Obama knew about the server and exchanged emails with Clinton using the private address and a fictitious name.

Hillary and Obama lied repeatedly about Benghazi and left the men to die.

Hillary is truly a “congenital liar” to quote the late great William Saffir.

Russian hacking has distracted from the economy which is on the decline according to most economists. The peaceful invasion by foreigners and the foreign policy disaster have receded into the background. No one is talking about what this administration did to Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Syria and others.

Will we forget the lying and semantic wordplay as the Russian hacking story grows? How about the efforts to take our guns and silence all opposition — will we remember?