Russian Invasion Won’t Interfere With Obama’s Holiday Fundraising


Mr. Obama is off for a whirlwind of fundraising jaunts throughout New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts on this holiday weekend. A little thing like a Russian invasion and seizure of another country’s sovereign territory has fortunately not put a damper on it. He is simply pretending there is no invasion.

Russia has invaded Ukraine and they are lying about it. They have amassed even more troops on the Ukraine border, moved “columns of heavy artillery, huge loads of arms, and regular Russian servicemen” into Ukraine through an “uncontrolled border area”, and they have “seized the key Ukrainian town of Novoazovsk” on the Sea of Azov.  All of this is according to reports by the NY Times.

NATO released satellite images corroborating the fact that Russian forces are actively involved in the Ukraine fighting. NATO also asserted that more than 1,000 Russian soldiers had joined the separatists battling the Ukrainian military.

Obama’s White House – incredibly – is not willing to admit that an invasion has occurred.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki avoided questions about whether a full-scale invasion had occurred Thursday, calling it “a discussion about terminology.”

“It doesn’t change what kind of support we are providing, what kind of discussions are happening within the administration,” Psaki said in an interview with MSNBC.

“What we’ve seen here is an escalation of aggression by the Russians. A pattern, actually, over the last several months, that’s what we’re concerned about and that’s what we’re watching closely,” she added.

Obama could go after Russian financial institutions and put a stop to this but he won’t do it.

Russian propaganda paper, Ria Novosti, says there are only the nine detained Russian paratroopers in the Ukraine and no other Russian troops. Their lies are meant to make a fool out of Obama and the EU and they are doing a heck of a job at it.

“I have just given an interview to BBC and their first question was about the number of Russian troops on the Ukrainian territory. I said that nine, they are the paratroopers who accidentally crossed into Ukraine,” Vladimir Chizhov told the Rossiya 24 channel. Chizov is the Russian envoy to the EU.

Obviously the weak sanctions haven’t worked. What a surprise.

There are no indications that Obama plans to add any more sanctions, arm Ukraine, or do much of anything.

Mr. Obama is really too busy.

According to The Washington Times, Mr. Obama is heading to the home of one of his top-ranked bundlers, Robert Wolf, in Purchase, New York Friday. About 250 rich and famous will pay up to $32,000 each for the privilege of attending, the New York Post reported.

Mr. Obama then plans to schmooze with more Wall Street types, heading to Newport, Rhode Island, for another benefit for Democrats.

Mr. Obama is starting to look too much like King Louis as he parades around with the rich and famous while Ukraine burns, ISIS seizes more land, and our debt nears 18 trillion.

King Louis Obama copy

Meanwhile Ukraine – a  European country – has no prayer of standing up to the Russian army, but what does Obama care if Putin re-establishes the Czar’s empire? It’s such a bother and it takes time away from his domestic agenda of turning the U.S. into a welfare state. He will continue to do nothing on the world stage because he wants the U.S. to be nothing on the world stage.

Today’s cryptoquote is very appropriate: “An infallible method of conciliating a tiger is to allow oneself to be devoured.” ~ Conrad Konradenauer

For those of you who thinks he is disengaged, I wish that were true. He is very engaged in fundamentally transforming us here at home.