Russian President Putin Calls Out Americans Disrespecting Trump, It’s “Deplorable”


Russian President Vladimir Putin called out the leftist Americans who are disrespectful towards President Trump. Of course in Russia if they don’t like you, you could end up in a gulag or dead from a poison pill. In any case, Putin made more sense than the Democrats in this country during a panel discussion at the 14th annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club that included 130 participants from 33 countries.

One audience member shot off a question that included anti-Trump rhetoric, likely in the hopes of provoking an attack. After saying President Trump needs to be managed and suggesting he’s not a competent and capable leader, he asked what advice he would give Trump.

“I am sorry, but I consider the question inappropriate. Mr. Trump was elected by the American people. And for this reason alone he should be treated with respect even if you disagree with a position of his.”

This next part is great. He basically called this behavior “deplorable”.

“He is being disrespected in the country. This is a deplorable, negative aspect of the American political system. You can argue but you cannot show disrespect. Not just for him personally but for the people who have voted for him. This is the first thing.”

“Secondly, as I already said, I believe the President of the United States needs no advice because to be elected, even without extensive government experience, you have to have talent and go through this crucible. He did just that and he won. He won fairly.”

Another questioner brought up President Trump’s alleged “unpredictability”.

Putin had a good answer for that also.

“With regard to the incumbent President, as I said a year ago, and I can repeat this now, we will do  our job. And I am saying now, we are working with the President that the American people have elected. As for unpredictability, he is not the only one to blame. It also has to do with the intense opposition in the country.”

“After all,” says Putin, “He is being prevented from carrying out any of his election platforms and plans, in health care, in other spheres. The moment he makes a decision on migrants, a court immediately blocks it. This is happening all the time. “

Putin says, “So to say that he is the only source of this unpredictability – no, this depends on the entire US political system. Nevertheless, we will work with the partners that we have. The United States is a great power, the world’s largest economic and military power.”

We are not big Putin fans here at the Sentinel but we enjoyed this.