Russian President Putin Thinks American Politicians Have “Political Schizophrenia”


Russian President Vladimir Putin says reports that President Trump gave Russian officials highly classified information have him thinking that “the United States has been developing political schizophrenia.”

“This is the only thing I can think of when I hear allegations saying that the president has revealed some secrets to [Russian Foreign Minister Sergey] Lavrov,” Putin said Wednesday.

This is two days after the media went wild with accusations of Trump having shared classified intel with the Russians at last week’s meeting. The people who were at the meeting said he didn’t share secrets. People who weren’t at the meeting said he did.

Speaking at a news conference, the Russian president also declared that Trump did not share any secrets.

Putin said he will be happy to release the tapes the Russians have transcribed.

Now the media is going nuts because the Russians taped the meeting. Some are claiming the tapes are part of a blackmail plot.

Nancy Pelosi is out declaring the need to offer the American people “stability” but it’s Democrats who are causing the chaos.

Putin is a better defender of Donald Trump than some of our weak-kneed Republicans.

The latest scandal is an alleged memo from Trump saying he hopes Comey feels as he does that Flynn doesn’t need to be investigated any longer – the man had just been fired.

The media is attempting to convince Americans Comey was being bullied into ending the investigation into General Flynn. Speaker Ryan asked the logical question as to why Comey didn’t share his concerns earlier. Does anyone really believe 6’8″ Comey was cowed but didn’t bother to tell anyone? Comey’s deputy Andrew McCabe testified recently that there was no interference in the investigation.

Democrats are demanding a special prosecutor for the Russia investigation and that is intended to drag the investigation out for four years. It’s a sham. If Republicans give up autonomy for this when they have the majority, they’re even more idiotic than we originally thought.

The rants are insane. John McCain just said this is like Watergate and that is absurd.

Why doesn’t anyone care about these corrupt, illegal leaks?

Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley said there is no evidence of obstruction justice and what Trump has done so far is not a crime.

Impeachment doesn’t require a crime but what we’ve heard so far falls well short of Impeachment, he said. It isn’t even close to high crimes and misdemeanors.

If the president did what he is accused of [that’s a big IF] it’s “breathtakingly dumb” and “inappropriate” but that’s all it is, Turley continued. It’s “silly” to think they could impeach him.

There’s not much they can charge Flynn with either, Turley said.


  1. Both the USA and Russia are fighting ISIS, to an extent they are allies.

    How is it wrong for the USA president to share intelligence with an ally to help him fight the same people the USA is fighting?

    Even if Trump did give Russia some ” secret” how is this wrong?

    And as far as I know, the president is allowed to decide what intelligence to share with whom he wants.

    All these things are just part of a large operation to sabotage the Trump presidency

    I say it is a mutiny.

    the people trying to destroy Trump are criminally conspiring to overthrow the governement, that is mutiny, and it is illegal.

    Some of those people should be in jail, it is not Trump who is doing illegal things it is them.

  2. It’s becoming less and less evident that Russia actually interfered in the election and more specifically even less evidence any “hacking” occurred.

    One should be highly suspicious when there is “bipartisan” efforts to resurrect an enemy from the past, especially when the supposed enemy is being cornered on multiple fronts.

    What is seldom reported or highlighted is the expansionist policies set forth by this country. For decades we have been in support of “regime change” around the globe. Any thinking person would wonder how far and wide these policies will take us.

    We shouldn’t be under any illusions that other nations view this nation as interfering the other sovereign nations. It began not long after World War 2. We have been too long with the goal of Global Supremacy and not in an altruistic way either. It is the reason for the title “The Ugly American”.

    So why such a bipartisan effort. I suggest it began with the campaign and the slogan “Drain the Swamp”. It was a rallying cry that resonated with the American public. Few would believe that politics is an honest profession and this slogan codified it.

    The lack of any supportive response by anyone in Congress says a great deal about Them. Certainly the level of corruption in Washington is so rampant that any exposure would be a house of cards toppling over. It says something about a city whose income levels are the highest in the nation, where Lamborghini’s largest dealership is, where an interim FBI director drives a six figure Porsche as if he were part of a James Bond movie.

    I conclude there is such fear in the halls of Congress and in Washington in general that every means will be employed to thwart any attempts to clean out the corruption. I am also considering whether the news media are governed by ideology alone or are also part of the corruption. That corruption could be the simple zealous Lust and desire to destroy any individual.

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