Sadly, One Might Have to Root for the Commies in Egypt

Egyptian Coptics Chanting & Marching. I’m Praying for Them. President Mosri Said He Will Represent All Egyptians But He Will Enforce Sharia.

Our support for the Arab Spring has significantly increased problems for the U.S., Israel, and the secularists in Egypt. The Brotherhood has the most power with the Egyptian people followed by the Salafists. The third entity, much smaller in numbers includes leftists, liberals and Christians. The military was voted out but is an ever present presence.

It’s pretty sad when one has to support the military and the commies in Egypt as the better choice for U.S. interests and probably Egyptian interests. I hope Mosri does indeed show he will represent ALL Egyptians as he claims he will.

So far Mosri has shown his contempt for the U.S. and Israel, wasting no time to begin his saber rattling. He is demanding that we release mass murderers such as the blind Sheikh and he has launched verbal assaults at Israel as an enemy of the state.

After Mosri’s election, fears about the potential for a theocracy or military dictatorship have caused all liberals and leftists (including many Copts) to form an umbrella group called a “third way.”  They believe it is their last chance to unify supporters of a secular state. It is also known as the “Third Current” and the “Third Force.”

On June 28th, the minority secular groups formed the Social Democratic Party of Egypt.

Socialist International published the group’s statement who stated their concerns about both military and Islamic forces –

The difficulties of the transitional period, the current political and economic crisis and the sharp split in the Egyptian society almost sparking strife between people were caused by the mismanagement of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), successive governments, the continuation of the strong former regime in controlling the elements of the state, the political Islamic forces seeking monopoly over power and there alliance with SCAF on several occasions that started with the Constitutional Declaration announced by the military junta on March 30 allowing elections to be held before the drafting of the constitution.

They offer their full respect for President Morsi as the choice of the people. They do, however, say they will resist religious despotism and military rule. They end with –

The time has come for the Egyptian society to emerge from the state of polarization. Therefore, the signatories to this statement declare today their willingness to renounce all disagreements and to start working on the establishment of a new Third Force uniting the fragmented political parties to defend democracy, human rights, personal and public freedoms, values of social justice and equality before the law.

It is signed by nine unnamed signatories but they are basically a conglomeration of all the left wing parties who are afraid of the possibility of an Islamic state or a military coup. So. there you have it, Egypt is run by Islamists, the military, and a far smaller group of liberals, the Christian minority, socialists and communists.

Gulf News:..“What the Third Current aims at is to define the way for genuine democracy to overcome the decades-old dispute between theologians and the military,” said ex-liberal lawmaker, Amr Hamzawi, a co-founder of the grouping. “Our real battle now is to secure a sound, inclusive constitution and a full power transfer from the military.”

Losing leftist presidential contenders Hamdeen Sabahi and Khalid Ali have voiced support for the Third Current.

“What is the real shape of the civil state about which Islamists are talking about?” said Nour Farhat, a noted legal expert, and a co-founder of the Third Current. “The civil state we want is that of equal rights and duties. It is the state of public freedoms and non-discrimination. This should be based on unequivocal texts of the constitution and law, not religious interpretations or personal whims,” he added…

The Tehran Times claims that Ahmadinejad has reached out to Mosri and they plan to meet soon on their joint interests in spreading peace and unity among the Arab world.

HuffPo reported that both Netanyahu and Peres wrote separate letters congratulating Mosri on his election and expressing their desire to maintain Egypt-Israel ties. Mosri had said that adjustments were needed in the accord.

Putin has reached out to Mosri as well. Can’t blame him.