Sally Kohn Says Bombing ISIS Is Giving Them Exactly What They Want


Sally Kohn, former Air America far far far left wing host, thinks that bombing ISIS is giving them exactly what they want. They want to be bombed!!!

They don’t want to be stopped. They want to be bombed.

She had a Twitter exchange with Katie Pavlich of Townhall in which she told Katie we must answer ISIS brutality with “good”. If only we’d be nice to them. I think she should go to meet ISIS with some fruit baskets because if she really believes what she is saying, that would work.

if only we'd be nice ot them

They want it. They don’t want to roam freely, taking over lands and committing horrific crimes, not at all. They want to be bombed.

goad into war Sally Kohn

She doesn’t seem to know that we already are at war.