San Antonio’s Open Borders Mayor, Julian Castro, Could Be the Next HUD Pick




Julian Castro

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro is probably going to be in charge of HUD according to the NY Times. It looks like he will be President Obama’s cabinet pick for the position.

Who is Julian Castro?

Last September, under Mayor Julian Castro, the City Council approved a nondiscrimination policy, making it illegal to show bias “in word or deed” against anyone in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community. It criminalizes any disagreement with homosexuality and it punishes thought crimes. It bans the hiring of anyone, even contract workers, who do not agree with homosexuality.

There are no exemptions for religious belief.

The ban violates free speech and freedom of religion.

Julian Castro was in full support and voted for it.

He is an open borders activist. His latest suggestion is that Mr. Obama dictatorially change the deportation policy to protect undocumented immigrants who have family members who are U.S. citizens. That type of chain migration will greatly increase the number of illegals here, especially since there are no checks and balances in place.

In an appearance on MSNBC in January, he  compared the status of illegal immigrants in America to that of black slaves before the Civil War. He said, “It would be unprecedented in American history for us to create a permanent class of folks who are not citizens outside of slavery. And we certainly learned our lesson from that.”

He has a twin brother Joaquin who is running for congress.

His mother Rosie helped found a radical, anti-white, socialist Chicano party called La Raza Unida (literally “The Race United”) that allegedly sought to create a separate country—Aztlan—in the Southwest.

He considers efforts to restrict illegal immigration to be anti-immigrant and even anti-Hispanic.

He stands up for affirmative action for illegals and for bilingual education. He and his brother got into Stanford because of Affirmative Action. They of course took a seat from two other people who were higher achievers.

He is opposed to voter ID laws and believes it is “voter suppression.”

When he started as mayor, he increased enrollment in the food stamp program and expanded the San Antonio Food Bank’s storage facility. He is doing his bit to increase the entitlement state.

As mayor, he even got involved in school board elections.

He supports free trade, including the North American Free Trade Agreement, advocates an energy policy that includes fossil fuels, believes in balanced budgets, he is pro-choice, and refers to David Souter as his ideal Supreme Court justice.