China Using Inferior Parts on U.S. Military Planes That Can Backdoor Spy


Senator Carl Levin of Michigan (D-Mich), Committee Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Ranking Member Senator John McCain (R-Ariz), found a total of 1800 counterfeit parts from China which were intended for U.S. Special Operations helicopters and Navy surveillance planes. The Senators conducted a year-long investigation.

That isn’t the end of it.

The U.S. Air Force says that just one “of the many electronic parts supplier, Hong Dark Electronic Trade of Shenzhen, China, supplied approximately 84,000 counterfeit electronic parts into the DOD supply chain.”

Need I say how incredibly dangerous this is to the national security and the safety of our troops?

Then there is the unbridled theft of U.S. intellectual property which severely endangers U.S. economic security. “According to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), counterfeits cost U.S. semiconductor companies more than $7.5 billion annually in lost revenue, a figure SIA says results in the loss of nearly 11,000 American jobs.” [SASC report]

Of course I shouldn’t be concerned, that great economist, Dr. Paul Krugman, said people act like billions of dollars is a lot of money – silly me, what’s billions of dollars.

Our vulnerability and economic losses grow day-by-day and all we are doing is cutting the defense budget.

Back in October, I reported on the fake microchips from China and other countries which are enabling spying on us by our enemies. Read at Chipping away at our military.

Unbelievably, Business Insider reported last year that in addition to supplying counterfeit parts, the Chinese have added a backdoor to the chips that can disarm U.S. missiles.

We must not forget that China has been getting away with stealing our intellectual property for years without any repercussions. Read more at China’s theft of the U.S. intellectual property.

We have known about this problem at least since 2010 and have done nothing but investigate . Now we are cutting our defense budget to add to the problem.

We buy the defective parts from China very cheaply because they use forced labor.

Take a look at these videos to see who we are buying from.


These are the factory workers who are much better off –

Let’s not forget the CNN report last year that explains the Chinese military buildup going on while we are building down. Is China a cuddly Panda or a fire-breathing dragon? I think we know the answer to that.

How much progress have we made since the pre-civil war era when we endorsed slavery and now we buy from societies who use forced labor? Is there much of a difference?

We are turning a blind eye to reality by continuing to borrow from China. We buy their cheap goods instead of cutting our spending. It would help tremendously if our labor union bosses were reasonable so U.S. consumers and companies could better afford Made in America.

Let’s go back to being exceptional.

Click here for the complete press release by Senator Levin.

Click here for the committee report  [PDF, released May 21, 2012]