Savage Massacre In Al-Houla Syria Includes 50 Young Children

Fifty Children Murdered

Syria is overrun by savages. The brutality of the massacre in Syria is becoming more horrific and senseless by the day.

The democracy forces blame the al-Assad regime but the regime blames al-Qaida and their roving gangs.

The latest massacre in al-Houla, a suburb of Homs, took place on May 25th.

Democracy forces reported the massacre and said this proves that the ceasefire has failed. They believe the U.N. has become a pawn of the regime.

More than eighty-eight people were killed by mortar bombs and rockets. The relentless attack went on for about 12 hours. It is alleged that homes were directly targeted.

The dead include as many as 50 children under the age of 10. CNN reported 32 dead children but locals are reporting about 50. Entire families were murdered. There are about 300 injured, many are children, and many of the injuries are very severe.

The killings didn’t end with artillery bombardments. Gangs allegedly went into homes with knives and “white weapons,” slaughtering whole families. Many of the corpses appeared to have been tortured. Usually young girls and women are raped but there were no such reports in this latest savage onslaught.

Activist Hadi Al Abdullah reported yesterday in a call for Al Jazeera Arabic.

“Relentless shelling has continued to target al-Houla for more than 12 hours so far. Hundreds of rockets have hit civilian houses and many houses have been burned down.”

Al Abdullah also said –

“I have called the international observers, crying and pleading them to come to al-Houla. They told me they can only do so tomorrow morning. I begged them to come so the shelling stops for a mere half an hour, but they said:”the regime does not allow us to tour at night.” I swear to God, most of the observers I called were asleep and I woke them up by my calls. Did they come to Syria to sleep?!”

The deaths have been confirmed by the U.N. who are proving useless in their handling of this situation, which is typical of what they do. The U.N. observers go into an area and the attacks stop only until they leave. As soon as U.N. observers leave, the bombardment begins of the vacated area.

Maj. Gen. Robert Mood, the head of the U.N. Supervision Mission in Syria said they were not sure what led to the massacre. In a statement provided by a spokesman for Kofi Annnan, he said, “This indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force is unacceptable and unforgivable. The killing of innocent children and civilians needs to stop.”

A caller to Syrian state television Saturday blamed the Houla massacre on criminal gangs and terrorist groups. An analyst on the station said al Qaeda and its branches are to blame and that “the Syrian military is the defender of the nation.”

The people who live in these villages say that the thugs who are committing the atrocities are regime thugs and not al-Qaida. They say Shabiha (thugs) and Alawites (regime supporters) from nearby villages are committing these vicious crimes without restraints of any kind.

Since Assad began his crackdown, 1635 people have been murdered.

Click on Greater Syria for a very believable account.

Click here for one of the several horrific videos out of Houla of murdered children, viewer beware.

We must pay attention to what is going on in Syria. Assad is closely aligned with Iran and Iran is funneling funds into Syria. There is no doubt that once Iran has the bomb, the weapons will be sold to or shared with Syria. The Russians, our “allies,” are in Syria assisting the Assad regime. It is a very dangerous world.

CNN report


** white weapons are non-firearm weapons such as batons, nail guns, knives, swords, daggers, sticks and so on.