Save Former Marine Jon Hammar Now in the Hands of the Zeta Cartel

Former Marine Jon Hammar

Update: 12:4: Jon Hammar is still chained to his bed despite reports to the contrary.

There are reports that high level discussions are taking place with our officials demanding Jon’s release but Rep. Ros-Lehtinen does not know that the Mexican president has the guts to release him.

The Mexican president would have to go up against the Zeta cartel to get Jon Hammar out of prison.

Jon’s father spoke with his son briefly this morning and his son said he is concerned about his situation since the story has gone public.

Original Story: Ex-Marine Jon Hammar is facing fifteen years in a Mexican jail for bringing an antique gun with papers into Mexico. His parents are desperate to get him out of prison before he is killed.

Jon Hammar came back from Fallujah searching for peace from the horrors of war and found it in surfing. It was that love of the surf that brought him to Mexico with his great-grandfather’s antique rifle, a glorified BB gun. He had papers for the gun and it is not the type of gun that violates Mexican law.

It didn’t matter to the Mexican authorities who lodged serious gun charges against him.

Hammar is currently chained to a bed in a Mexican prison controlled by the vicious Zeta cartel. When he first arrived at the prison and was placed in the general population, his parents received calls from extortionists demanding money for their son’s safety. U.S. diplomats intervened and he was moved into solitary confinement. The threats stopped but he remains in imminent danger…Keep reading…

Jon Hammar’s mother, Olivia Hammar, was interviewed on Fox & Friends this morning:

Please contact your representatives and ask them to help Jon Hammar because our diplomats are not working on getting him out. One call from the right person in DC will get him released. We must get DC’s attention.

Our country must not leave this Marine behind. An online petition is gathering signatures to try and help bring Johnny Hammar home. Click here for more information.

Email the White House or fax or call.

Scroll down this list to get the phone number of your representative in the House: and call your senators at the number listed here:

If we don’t take action, our government certainly won’t and another America will die as the result.