SC Dem Candidate Colbert-Busch Already Has an Arrest Record


397x324xcolbert-bush-mug-shot.jpg.pagespeed.ic.7tk94rULna mugshot of Colbert-Busch

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch has a mugshot photo! She is the Democratic candidate running for Congress in South Carolina against Republican Mark Sanford in a special election to be held this week.

She ended up in jail in 1988 over contempt-of-court charges during her messy divorce. It’s not easy to get thrown in jail for contempt-of-court

Having an arrest record before entering Congress is a bit unusual but she should fit right in.

She has been making some hay out of Sanford’s escapades with an Argentinian reporter he is now engaged to. She says things like, “This isn’t Argentina.”

Maybe Sanford should start saying, “I don’t have a mugshot!”

Colbert-Busch has unlimited financial resources and Sanford’s would-be seat is targeted by the Democrats.

No one even knows what she believes in because she turns down most interviews. You have to vote for her before you know what she will do.

She put some effort into hiding this apparently.

via Ghost Army and Gateway Pundit