This Should Scare Everyone, Flynn Never Lied


Republicans and Democrats alike should be scared about one overriding fact in the Flynn case. The FBI said Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn never lied, yet he had to plead guilty to lying in order to avoid a protracted fight he could no longer afford.

Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s son, also Michael, wants justice for his father. He reacted to the release of the FISA abuse memo with hope but he might be underestimating the level and extent of corruption in both the media and the administration of our intelligence agencies. He went on fire on Twitter with several tweets. Here are two.


He has every reason to believe his father was wronged.

Recently, Robert Mueller asked for a delay in Lt. Gen. Flynn’s sentencing because both defense and prosecution were not ready. Mueller allegedly also wants to talk with Flynn again.

Flynn pled guilty to one charge of lying to the FBI and is “cooperating” with the agency investigators in their Russia probe.

In the spring of 2017, FBI agents who interviewed the retired general said he didn’t lie. They said he was confused and couldn’t remember the details. Then Mueller came in with his team of witch hunters and they decided Flynn did lie after all.

Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn did plead guilty because the case caused tremendous strain on him and his family. It also bankrupted him and he had to sell his home, his last asset.

Listen to Catherine Herridge summarize the Flynn plea deal last December. Mueller turned a case of Flynn not lying into a crime of lying to the FBI.


  1. As with Andrew Weissmann’s unethical attack on Arthur Andersen LLP, the damage has been done. The lawyers have robbed yet another honest man. Win a case, lose a case…the lawyers always get paid.

    One of the best descriptions I have heard concerning lawyers:

    While two men fight, the lawyers hold their coats. As they watch the men fight, they pick their pockets!

  2. Mueller had a nd has nothing at all, the Russia nnfairy tale is just that, a made up fairy tale, so Mueller trapped Flynn for something unrelated to any Trump collusion, in fact all.indictments in the witch hunt of Muelerscare totally unrelated to Trump and his winning the election..Flynn was an ex General that did nothing wrong and was made part of a scheme by Obama, Hillary, and the FBI to take Trump down, it was all a set up.

  3. Of course Michael Flynn never lied – that’s a given! There is much more to come to the surface but has to be done in stages as to avoid civil war in the streets of America.
    You see here is what these seditionist/treason guilty individuals did not know: Obama/Hillary and gang were deeply involved in treason throughout their years in the white house. One courageous man and patriot played along to collect all the intelligence needed to take the deep state and shadow government down. That courageous patriot was Admiral Mike Rogers! He as the NSA chief observed as Obama/Hillary et all sold our top secret national security code(s) on her unsecured server which is SAP. Obama also had a secret server which these two emailed each other. They armed our enemies via sales in nearly 2 billion dollars. They actively conspired to overthrow our republic from within. Foreign agents/muslim brotherhood were strategically placed throughout sensitive national security agencies/positions. They also placed the Pakistani spies – the Awan brothers and family into position where they had access to all democratic politicians computers and selling gained secret to Pakistan and other enemies.
    The head of this snake was foreign agent and traitor Hussein/Barry Soetero himself. He too was a muslim brotherhood member as was Huma Abedin, another stealth agent and muslim brotherhood spy.
    That is only a small part in what they together planned with the shadow government. The plan they hatched was called “THE 16 YEAR PLAN TO DESTROY AMERICA”. Barry/Hussein was the first act in his 8 years in the white house. As I’ve said he was a foreign agent recruited to initiate that plan.
    Justice Scalia and Seth Rich was murdered by them via their hit squad MS13. Yes these gangbangers were imported for assassinating political liabilities and/or opponents.
    Admiral Mike Roger, Michael Flynn and other patriots developed a plan for the past 3+ years to take them all down. They needed a president that loved America and free of controversy and found him: Donald Trump. Despite rigged Soros voting machines to enable a Hillary win our Marines were at numerous voting places to avoid the rigged machines flipping votes from DT to Hillary. Here we are – the plan is now set in motion to take the deep state, shadow government and those abroad out one after another.
    That also includes the millions of children gone missing and abducted by these same sick, twisted luciferian or Satanist sacrificing doing horrible and unspeakable crimes.
    Make sure you have enough popcorn and sit back while enjoying the show!
    Reccommednation: follow along at #Qanon, #Q and you’ll understand what is coming.

  4. “delay in Lt. Gen. Flynn’s sentencing because both defense and prosecution were not ready.”

    This doesn’t make any sense. The guilty plea was already entered and only waits for a Judge to decide.

  5. “The FBI said Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn never lied,…”

    When did the FBI say this? Can you support this claim?

    And regardless, wasn’t it a matter of agreeing to a lesser charge anyway? Here’s how his arrest was reported at the time.

    “The agreement adds that Mueller’s office won’t prosecute Flynn for additional crimes they outlined in his statement of offense Friday, such as his misreported foreign lobbying filings about his work for Turkey.”

  6. People are fond of saying ‘You have the right to. ( fill in the blank ) ‘. I’ve had a similar experience where I had to plead guilty to something minor that I did not do because I did not have the means to afford a defense or was the matter worth an extensive defense so the path of least cost was to take the guilty plea and move on. But I was not guilty. This is how the system has evolved despite all the lofty verbiage law-makers spout. Fact is, the only rights we have are those we can afford to defend. Prosecutors know this and they use this to pad their resume. Altruism is not a virtue in that line of work. Flynn is victim of this abuse of a supposed quest for truth.

  7. I thought the FBI had FLYNN on tape talking to Kisyliak? They had taped him . So did he lie or not? Did he talk to Kisyliak or not? Something isn’t quite right here as there are two opposing statements about FLYNN!

    • He did but wasn’t forthcoming at first but the agents felt he was tired, confused, couldn’t remember as opposed to lying.

    • They had a wiretap on the person Flynn talked to -Flynn’s conversation with him had nothing to do with their investigation of that Russian and their discussion was mundane, routine incoming administration intro crap. Not one thing even remotely questionable. BY LAW when Americans are incidentally wiretapped because they called or were called by the target of their investigation but who have been deemed to have nothing to do with their investigation, the FBI has to mask their name. So Flynn’s name was masked when they gave a report to the White House about a conversation that had nothing to do with their investigation and deemed an incidental only.

      White House aide who had NOTHING to do with national security at all, made HUNDREDS of unmasking requests in the last year of Obama’s Presidency. She did this though determining whether a particular individual is relevant or not to an investigation or suspected of any crime is the job of FBI -NOT that of a White House aide. All those unmasking requests were made trying tie Trump and his team to ANYTHING.

      So first of all, understand Flynn was illegally unmasked SPECIFICALLY to be used as a political weapon -NOT because Flynn (or any of the other HUNDREDS unmasked) actually DID anything wrong. The FBI already knew for a fact he had not. Flynn was illegally unmasked but absolutely NO ONE will be punished for THAT. Then he had the FBI sicced on him to ask questions about a phone call that lasted a few minutes and was merely the routine kind of call an incoming team makes to touch base with embassies of other countries. So -who asked the FBI to go back and question Flynn about a big nothing burger routine phone call incoming administrations make? The aide? Obama himself? WHO? What made ANYONE go back and ask Flynn about a phone call the FBI had recorded and they already knew was about NOTHING at all which is why they had masked his name in the first place? Nothing about the call stuck out to him because it was about NOTHING of any real significance and the FBI AGREES the call was just a routine thing every incoming administration does. Note he wasn’t asked about any of the dozens of calls he made to the people at all the other embassies. Just this one. Which they already knew was a big nothing. Begs the question what was the real point of that, doesn’t it.

      So a man who spent his adult life serving his nation, putting his life on the line for his country -is illegally unmasked hoping to use him as a political weapon. It worked -got him fired for being confused about when this call was made because it was a nothing. THEN Mueller’s team decides to do it real dirty and starts slamming him with all sorts of legal crap to the point he had to sell his own home, his last asset to keep paying his legal bills. Mueller offers him a plea deal -he pleads guilty to DELIBERATELY lying to the FBI about a phone call the FBI knows was about NOTHING AT ALL, had NO significance to ANYTHING whatsoever -and Mueller will stop the legal harassment. This should scare EVERYONE -Republican or Democrat -that a man’s own government did this to him. Anyone who doesn’t realize this is a Soviet Union style stunt is so morally bankrupt they should never be allowed anywhere near a position of power.

  8. Flynn will get off, Mueller has evidence of FISA abuse – fruit of the poison tree – the FISA was obtained illegally and Flynn will walk – that’s the real reason for the delay…

  9. I’m not scared. I do weep for the injustice and unnecessary sacrifice of a soldier and his family. As more of the truth is uncovered, it is becoming more and more evident of how miraculous Donald J Trump’s victory really was. It also is exposing those that sought Donald J Trump’s demise and their colossal failure. I’m prepared for the counter assault from those unwilling to accept their own defeat and that doesn’t frighten me either!

  10. The memo describes a Fourth Amendment violation, regarding the FIBA memo. Mueller’s AOL called “investigation ” is based upon this fraudulent document and the perturbed needed to maintain a Title I FIBA warrant, which is used on people who they actually have a preponderance of evidence that they are actually a Foreign Spy.

    The Fruit of the Poisoned Tree Doctrine is fully in place here and any and all activity, now that the memo is out, corroborated by the FBI and the House Intel Committee, constitutes a full Fourth Amendment bar to further action against ANY of them. We won’t go into the CLEAR conflict of interest that Mueller has…which makes this even worse.

  11. What is the source for the claim that Flynn didn’t lie? Anyway, this was the least damaging offense they could have charged him with, so no one should complain.

    • Least damaging? It was the ONLY thing they could trump up (no pun intended). Remember, the phone call itself was nothing at all and the FBI already KNEW that. If they had ANYTHING real to charge him with, they would have done that instead of deliberately drive him into bankruptcy with legal harassment and bombarding him with legal crap to the point he was forced to sell his home to pay his lawyers. Once they broke him financially, they offer him a deal that he pleads guilty to DELIBERATELY lying to the FBI about a nothing phone call with no prison -and the FBI makes it all stop. What they did to Flynn should actually infuriate any American as one of the most egregious abuses of federal government in modern history. And was done for purely partisan reasons. Absolutely disgusting.

    • That may come to pass, but it’s still worth noting that several agents said he didn’t lie but Mueller came in and changed all that.

  12. This is the end result of the corrupt, conflicted, and compromise of the ‘Obama Legacy’. This is the epitome of the ‘ Banana republic’ corruption accepted as ‘business as usual’ by an ‘under qualified’ community organizer, becoming POTUS, for no other reason then his skin color. That’s not racist, just plain fact.
    And that strong arm tactics used to bury an ends to a means. Even if it means destroying a career military officer’s livelihood. In order to win. As they tried to do the same thing to the Trump’s Presidency on a larger scale. As this man need to be exonerated, for the sake of Justice in America.

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