Schall Elementary Won’t Allow Toy Soldiers on Cupcakes


toy soldier

photo via Daily Mail

Our military, even when placed on cupcakes, are now on the same level as evil gunmen who murder people. Their gallantry, bravery, and willingness to give their lives for their countrymen seems lost on the officials of Schall Elementary School in Caro, Michigan.

WKOZ in Caro Michigan is reporting that the school principal at Schall Elementary in Caro removed the soldiers from the cupcakes the mom had baked for the children in his class for his birthday.

The school actually said it was insensitive to send  armed cupcakes to school after Sandy Hook. [Armed cupcakes? Really?] They’re cupcakes and they’re soldiers.

The boy’s dad, Casey Fountain, said it is unfortunate that school officials can’t differentiate between US soldiers who are good guys, and crazed psychopaths who shoot up schools.

The  nine-year old boy and his mother were given a tongue-lashing. They not only hurt this child, but they did it on his birthday.

If you want to let them know what you think about their showing grave disrespect for our military, you can:

Schall Elementary
Caro Michigan
Principal, Susan Wright
Address: 325 E Frank St, Caro, MI 48723
Phone:(989) 673-3168
You can write a review on google here.