School Buildings Not Updated Since the Civil War – Obama’s Latest Talking Point


Civil War??? Civil War?? The school buildings haven’t been fixed up since the dang Civil War??? Praise and Hallelujah that Obama is here to update these 146 year old buildings which have never been updated. I assume they don’t have electricity or plumbing. They don’t have heat apparently. Not sure that A/C is a necessity but Obama, the environmentalist, apparently thinks it is.

Obama is on the campaign trail. Instead of playing the pomp and circumstance of presidential entrances, the speakers blared Obama’s signature campaign music at Fort Hayes. The president aimed his spiel at the immediate audience and Washington.

‘Some of the buildings here were built during the Civil War,” he said. “When buildings are that old they start falling apart … No heat in the winter, no air conditioning in the summer … How do we expect our children to do their very best in a situation like that?'”