School Daze – 21st Century America


“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”   Matthew 7:6

School Daze – 21st Century America

by Gary Spina

The liberal academics and the socialist politicians,

Control the minds of America’s youth by destroying old traditions.

By arrogating the standards set by local home-based parents,

And supplanting Christian values with social-engineered adherence.


The Washington politicians call it “No Child Left Behind,”

It has watered down real learning and has left our children blind.

And now new ideology leaves logic at the door,

With revisionist propaganda, and they call it “Common Core.”


“Curriculum Mapping” charts what’s taught, but not what students master,

The paperwork looks oh, so fine, but the score-sheets mask disaster.

It’s all been subtle through the years, as dark and hidden forces,

Have established federal standards with their agenda-driven courses.


Washington’s education czars, not answerable to us,

Call us unfit parents if we dare to raise a fuss.

And they haul us up before the courts and declare that we are crazed,

As they enforced their laws and rules by which our children must be raised.


Responsibility and achievement are now relics of the past,

Respect is gone and reverence and relationships that last.

But our kids have self-importance, a false worth backed up by naught,

As love of God and country – and honor are not taught.


As governmental standards make all caring parents shudder,

We watch our kids adrift in life without a sail or rudder.

But in needy desperation, they’ve one skill keeps them afloat,

They show up on Election Day to cast a mindless vote.


Oh, we’re just old-fashioned folks, neither geniuses or fools

Grandmas, grandpas, parents trying to undo what’s taught in schools.

Trying hard to instill some wisdom in our churlish boys and girls,

Who think they already know it all as we stand and cast our pearls.