Scientist Dares to Say Climate Science Is Hardly Settled


global warming
At news conference in Paris last December, President Obama said “the most elegant way” to reduce carbon emissions is “to put a price on it.” Climate Change/Global Warming alarmists want you to believe you can change the weather by growing government and taxing people.

James Wanliss, an actual scientist, unlike Al Gore, Bill Nye, Barack Obama, and the others who think they are scientists, says global warming has been an excuse for growing political control over the people.

“The science of global warming has been used to justify the banning of lightbulbs, shutting down coal-fired power plants, and even a possible sighting of the holy grail: increased taxation without end (to save the planet),” he says.

The story they were selling didn’t hold up so global warming became climate change. When the warming stalled for 18 years, it morphed into “climate crisis” and “extreme weather”.

“Never mind that all observational evidence indicates reduced variability in weather events,” the professor Physics wrote in an op-ed for CNS News.

The predictions that didn’t materialize: CO2 emissions would climb rapidly; global warming would spin ‘wildly out of control’; sea level rise would accelerate dangerously, tornadoes, hurricanes, heat waves; snow would be gone and the Northwest Passage would be completely open. The increase in droughts and hurricanes Barack Obama himself predicted did not occur. These predictions are based on computer models.

Extreme weather events are actually less than in earlier eras. The data does not support the climate science theories. The science is not settled and many scientists disagree with the extreme theories.

Dr. Wanliss wrote that at a scientific meeting two years ago, “It was gratifying when several scientists agreed that global warming had stalled and thus falsified computer climate models. Nonetheless, according to Roger-Maurice Bonnet of the International Space Science Institute in Switzerland, human population growth and energy demands we’re still the cause of global warming.”

Wanliss said that he heard Bob Cahalan, IPCC contributor and SORCE project scientist pour scorn on “climate deniers” who he believes are synonymous with “Tea Party followers.”

“What is this supposed to mean? No one denies that climate changes, has always changed, or that humans might influence climate,” Wanliss says. “It seems to me that what is being pushed is correct political thoughts, rather than truth.”

Dr. Wanliss also brings up the obvious – no one knows with any certainty whether things will be much hotter in 100 years and the “uncertainties and unknowns are enormous”.

The professor would like to see less politics and more openness in scientific research. The settled science says humans produce CO2 which causes dangerous global warming. That is not by any means settled.

Hopefully, the professor won’t be prosecuted or imprisoned for his views.

Here are the top ten fails of global warming predictions: