SCOTUS Strikes Down Sections 4/5 of Voting Act


Sentinel News Blast

Section 4 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which protected minorities during the Civil Rights movement, has been ruled unconstitutional.

The SCOTUS limited the Voting Rights Act Tuesday.

Some counties and states in the south have been monitored since the 1960’s based on this law because of past discrimination and voter suppression.

There was a formula in this law based on voting patterns which selected the areas to be monitored.

The SCOTUS said that formula in section 4 is no longer valid because times have changed. That means section 5, which requires states and counties be supervised, is null and void.

The law was renewed by Congress in 2006 because no one wanted to look bigoted.

It is now up to Congress to come up with a new formula if necessary, but it can’t be based on the conditions in the US in 1964. Eric Holder wanted the monitoring to continue because he still lives in 1964.

More information coming as soon as we have it.