Screeching Rosa De Lauro Becomes Unintelligible Over Tax Cuts


Congresswoman Rosa De Lauro made her voice heard today, screeching against tax cuts. Mostly she couldn’t understand why someone who pays 37% of his/her salary in federal taxes gets more money back in child tax credits than someone who contributes nothing to the IRS.

Her philosophy is money doesn’t belong to evil rich people, it belongs to people like her to dole out as she sees fit.

To be fair, someone slowed this down, she didn’t sound this bad, but almost.

In 2014, DeLauro was asked if legalizing illegals will help with unemployment . Her strange response was, “It’s a gotcha question.”

De Lauro always does this. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would think her electable. We might want to find out what meds she’s on so we never take them. In this next clip from March of this year, she’s screeching about the GOP trying to kill old people.


  1. Further confirmation of why one should never aspire to elective office. I suppose at some time we might all look ridiculous if under scrutiny 365/24/7. Er, …well, I guess all of us already are. Oh, well… 🙂

    WASS-OYS (We Are So Screwed-Oh, Ye, Suckers)

  2. This is why we need term limits. Obviously, spending 26 years in Congress is way too long! If she says GOP stands for Get Old People, then what does DNC stand for? DeLauro Nut Case!

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