Sean Hannity Blasts NFL Commish Roger Goodell on Twitter


The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell weighed in on President Trump’s statements about NFL players in a statement Saturday. He called the President “disrespectful” and “divisive”. Instead of criticizing the players for being exactly that, he criticized the President.

Sean Hannity blasted back in a tweet storm.

Hannity retweeted this letter from retired Marine Jeffrey Powers.


  1. Obama encouraged this protest movement, then a 30 year old misguided QB started it. The NFL did not react because the Obama supporting commissioner was afraid to do anything to anger the union. Now the NFL is in a tailspin. Yet they keep the commissioner there?

  2. Interesting how, as Sunday progresses, MSMedia Fake News, the NFL, Players Union and the wimpy Commissioner, and others have conspired to funnel what was a protest about something, Unbearable conditions, etc. into a Direct Attack on President Trump. IMO President Trump is more than dealing with it, and has a few Million Supporters. Right now the NFL has about as much attraction to me as these Soccer Games they are continually showing.

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