Sean Hannity Interview With An Anarachist

Harrison Schultz

Sean Hannity interviewed a self-described anarchist on his show last night. This 29 year old anarchist, Harrison Schultz, is typical of most of the people I met at Zucotti Park last year.

His line of reasoning and visible anger are what I experienced whenever I spoke with any of the young people who were ranting about overthrowing the government. They were very pleasant and engaging to start but that lasted all of a couple minutes if you disagreed with their platform.

I don’t want to insult Harrison because I’m sad to see how he is leading his life, but he does expose the nature of the occupy movement which Nancy Pelosi described in this way – “It’s independent … it’s young, it’s spontaneous, it’s focused. And it’s going to be effective.”

Pelosi has recently distanced herself and the Democrats from the occupiers by saying the Democrats don’t have much in common with them. All the Democrats did was rave about them last year. We should report her and her colleagues to The ObamaTruth Team. Our local politicians Steve Israel and Tim Bishop were singing the praises of the occupiers but they have been quiet lately.

Sean Hannity interviewed Harrison again on his radio show today and made an offer to help him get a job but Harrison was angry from the day before and it didn’t go well.