Seattle Occupiers Squatting, Spitting & Beating


Occupy Seattle thugs have, in the last week, taken over a campus and an empty home, because they are entitled as you know.

Here is a video describing their filthy, dirty campus occupation, replete with rats and lice.  They beat an anti-occupy student who was carrying a sign that said, “Occupy Somewhere Else, Not My School.”

The Seattle fringe people also broke into a building slated for demolition on Friday, and said it would serve as their new headquarters. They held a concert in the building, locked the doors and spat on cops. Yes, they are exactly like the Tea Party and the protesters in Egypt – no difference.

Then there is the chanting DC Congresswoman who wants the DC occupiers to occupy America

Mayor Quan


Not to be forgotten is the crazy Mayor of Oakland whose own daughter and husband were working with the occupiers as they closed the Port of Oakland, after promising the businesses she would protect them. She encouraged the occupiers to move after one was murdered. Read more here: Crazy Oakland Mayor Quan