Secede from the Union So Obama Can Actually Be Like Lincoln


President Obama is always being compared to Lincoln and I wonder, could that be why he’s dividing the nation? Oops, I forgot, Lincoln wanted us to be united. Maybe he will take the hint from the petitions and actually start uniting us.

Texas citizens started the petition and it apparently has been going on for some time. Texas is an ATM for the liberal states and they are tired of it. Their petition states that they want to be free of the Marxist states.

Unfortunately for Texas, some citizens in the Marxist states want their state to secede as well.

One petition asks that people who want to secede be stripped of their citizenship and exiled. I hear Elba is very nice, better than here in the United Socialist States of America.

There is a petition to get rid of Obamacare. There are others that are worth taking a look at such as the Impeach Obama petition. Just go to Whitehouse petitions.

Check out the Long Island secession petition here.

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