Second Round of Talks with Iran on How Best to Betray Israel




Secretary of State John Kerry

Last month, John Kerry threatened Israel if they are not successful in talks with the Palestinians and he now looks forward to removing sanctions on Iran for some insignificant promises the Iranians will not keep.

This is Obama’s America.

The new deal between the West and Iran, which is now being discussed in Geneva, will allow Iranians to continue enriching uranium and building subterfuges, though at a slightly slower rate, sanctions will be lifted, and the West will lose whatever leverage they have.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told CNN he was astounded that “the White House would say that a deal that would allow enrichment of uranium and building a plutonium reactor is not a march to war.”

John McCain said Kerry is a good friend of his but  ‘he’s been a human wrecking ball’ on this issue.

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In 2011, Israel was shocked by the US betrayal of Mubarek who was one of their few friends in the region. Now they have to be afraid of being betrayed themselves. Allowing Iran to enrich uranium is nothing less than a betrayal because of the threat Iran poses. Iran’s Mullahs, who are the power in Iran, believe it is their religious duty to destroy Israel.

The six major world powers are currently negotiating a freeze to Iran’s nuclear program in talks in Geneva. The last deal, which gave Iran everything in exchange for nothing, was allegedly nixed by France and Iran over wording on the final draft.

We’re dealing with politicians here so it’s hard to know what is true and what is not.

The new negotiations will relieve or remove crippling sanctions on Iran because somehow, out of nowhere, they have determined sanctions would lead to war.

Sanctions have not lead to war in the many years they have been implemented. In fact, if we suffocated Iran with the sanctions, we could possibly stop the program. Instead, since June, we are giving carte blanche to nations and companies that deal with Iran despite the sanctions, and we are refusing to add more sanctions.

What we are doing now will lead to war.

The US does not learn from history. In 2003, Rouhani lied to us while Iran continued to enrich. He mocked us afterwards for believing him.

On Friday, Netanyahu tweeted about the latest round of negotiations: ”The proposal enables Iran to develop atomic bombs and build long-range missiles to reach the U.S. and Europe,” it read. “Iran is getting everything and giving nothing.”

U.S. State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki, in what appeared to be a direct response to Netanyahu, told reporters later in the day that the American administration believes the path proposed by Israel to subdue Iran with sanctions may lead to war and not to a peaceful resolution of the nuclear issue.

The US plans to do nothing as Iran proceeds with uranium enrichment. They want to abandon sanctions while Iran builds weapons that can reach Israel, Europe and the US.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that he understands Israel’s concerns. He added that he respects them. He claims they continue to have friendly and civil conversations about it.

That’s very nice of Hanoi John since a nuclear-armed Iran poses an immediate existential threat to our ally Israel’s very existence.

Sad thing in all this? Seventy percent of American Jews voted for Barack Obama in 2012 because they are liberals before they are Jews.

Kerry and Netanyahu met last month in Rome. The Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot reported, “The secretary of state told the prime minister that he heard from his European friends … that if the negotiations (with the Palestinians) fail, Israel can forget about participating in the European research and development program ‘Horizon 2020’.” Kerry is then quoted as saying, “And that will only be the beginning.”

The negotiations with the Palestinians would require Israel to recede to pre-1967 borders leaving them with borders they would not be able to defend. Kerry is threatening Israel if they don’t completely capitulate and he is giving Iran a free pass for promises they won’t keep.

We now protect our enemies and betray our friends. Welcome to Obama’s America.

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