“SECRET” Deal In Congress Funds the Entry of 85,000 Muslim Refugees



By Capt Joseph R. John, on December 17, 2015

The 2000-page Omnibus Spending Bill will allow Obama to migrate 85,000 new UN Muslim Refugees and secretly resettle them in various locations throughout the United States in 2016.

The Omnibus Spending Bill is another 2000-page bill that most in congress won’t read.

The bill does nothing to stop the proliferation and restrict the funding of “Sanctuary Cities.”

American citizens will have a new group of 85,000 Muslim Refugees from the Middle East and Africa secretly resettled throughout the US without informing elected officials and law enforcement officials in 50 states where they will be resettled, even after the FBI told Congress and the American people that they have no way to determine if those refugees have terrorist ties.

The Omnibus Spending Bill not only includes full funding for Obama’s Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program, at a cost of $1.6 billion of taxpayer money, but it also provides additional funding of the new 2016 UN Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program that will bring in an additional 85,000 Middle East and African Muslim Refugees, many of them who are from jihadist hotbeds like Syria, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) who opposes the legislation said, “As feared, the effect (of the Omnibus Spending Bill) is to fund the president’s entire (Illegal) immigration agenda.”

There’s a reason that GOP voters are in “open rebellion,” Sessions said.

“This legislation represents a further disenfranchisement of the American voter,” Sessions said.

Since 9/11, there has been 72 terrorist attacks by Radical Islamic Terrorists on the United States that have killed thousands of Americans.

The FBI recently notified Congress that 250+ Middle East and African refugees, admitted as US Citizens through Obama’s fast track citizenship program, and/or of first generation Americans of Middle East and African descent have traveled to Iraq and Africa to participate in ISIS’ genocide of Syrian, African, and Assyrian Christians.

In a recent press release, Americans learned that 82 ISIS radical Islamic terrorists plots over the last two years have been foiled by the FBI, and the participants have been arrested for plotting to kill Americans, like the 14 Americans who were recently murdered by a female and male Radical Islamic Terrorist Disciple of ISIS in San Bernardino, CA.

The FBI also informed the Congress that they have opened 900+ terrorist related cases in all 50 states, and that the Bureau is not adequately staffed to properly investigate and prevent ISIS radical Islamic terrorist from future murderous terrorist attacks on Americans.

What will it take for the rank and file members of Congress to understand that American citizens feel seriously threatened by the wholesale secret resettlement of Muslim Refugees from the Middle East and Africa by Obama in cities throughout the 50 states, without determining if they have terrorist ties, and without informing elected state officials and law enforcement officials where they are being resettled for security reasons?

There must a “pause in the migration of refugees” into the United States until the Director of the FBI and the Secretary of Homeland Security can guarantee that the refugees approved for admittance have no terrorist ties.

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Editor’s Note:

The article Capt. John is referring to can be read at WND.

The Chamber of Commerce supports this massive immigration, the Rubio immigration bill supported it, big corporations want it.

Most H-2B employers, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, are not small or seasonal – they are mid- to large-size companies and recruiters who petition for H-2Bs do so in order to hire employees who work in the U.S. for 10 months out of the year, year after year according to a lawyer who works for the Immigration Reform Law Institute. Small businesses are left out in the cold for the most part.

They use “clever” tactics to secure foreigners over US workers. One tactic of H-2B employers is to include overly stringent requirements in the want ads.

Lori Johnson, a lawyer from Legal Aid of North Carolina, told Buzzfeed that there is little evidence such requirements are ever imposed on the foreign guest workers who ultimately get the jobs. The ads are designed to “filter out U.S. workers,” Johnson concludes.

In fiscal 2015, only 505 American farmworkers in North Carolina found jobs from listings on the state’s Department of Commerce’s website, even though more than 7,000 American farmworkers in the state had registered with the agency to seek work.

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