Secret Press Briefing at White House for Some in the Media




The White House held a private and secret off-the-record press briefing Friday with about 14 hand-selected reporters. The meeting took place after the abc News report on Benghazi was released.

That report exposed the twelve substantive changes made to the Talking Points before Susan Rice regurgitated them on the Sunday talk shows after the Tuesday attack.

The reporters who weren’t selected were none too happy.

I would like to tell you who was invited but it’s a secret. Our elite rulers won’t share that information. My guess is that Fox News was not invited.

The administration is obviously anxious to lure the state-sponsored media back into the fold.

Jay Carney originally said it was an “off-the-record” briefing but now says it is a “deep background” meeting. Deep background means reporters can quote sources but they cannot name the sources.

Jay Carney summed up the meeting with these words: “We did, as many of you know, have a background briefing here at the White House earlier. I think 14 news organizations were represented, ranging from online to broadcast TV, print and the like. We do those periodically. We hope that participants find them helpful. I will say that no one here believes that briefings like that are a substitute for this briefing.”

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