Secretary Kerry Flits Around at Meetings While Syria Burns


On Saturday, Secretary of State John Kerry met in London with nine nations including Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif to “brainstorm” Syria. Anyone who takes this seriously after hearing who participated in the meeting knows it can’t possibly go anywhere.

It’s outrageous that Obama made what he called the “tiny” nation of Iran into a Superpower, including it in meetings as if they have any desire to control the massacre of our allies in Syria. Russia, Assad and the Ayatollahs form an evil axis that won’t stop until every dissenter is crushed. Iran is sending Iranians to live in Syria as they did with Iraq to replace the natives who have opposed the regime.

Kerry met Sunday with the UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson but came away saying options are limited because the international community does not support military action.

No surprises there. If we had leaders in the US who appeared to know what they are doing, things might be different.

“I haven’t seen a big appetite in Europe of people to go to war.. So we are pursuing diplomacy because those are the tools that we have… We are considering additional sanctions… President Obama has not taken any options off the table”.

The EU foreign ministers are meeting in Luxembourg Monday to work on potential sanctions in response to the ongoing rubbling of Aleppo.  That won’t work because the evil axis has an overriding agenda.

In DC, the administration is keeping Congress from leveling Syria sanctions legislation. The Washington Post reported two weeks ago the White House said the bill, which includes non-nuclear sanctions on Iran, could violate last summer’s nuclear deal.

The bill, guided by House Foreign Affairs Committee ranking Democrat Eliot Engel (N.Y.), would also sanction entities that aid the Syrian government in these atrocities; that includes Russia and Iran… Now the White House has told members and staffers that the bill’s sanctions on Iran could violate the nuclear agreement the Obama administration struck with Tehran last year and the Russia sanctions could hurt any future efforts to work with Moscow diplomatically on Syria.

The nuclear deal has defined our foreign policy and it is one that has allowed Russia to take over the Middle East and it has made Iran a powerful nation. Obama gave them a seat at the table.

The president won’t engage in any action, including putting sanctions on Iran. He just keeps funneling money to them.

Last week the Associated Press revealed that the administration’s Iran concerns go beyond the technicalities of the nuclear deal: they’re worried that any action against Iran would give the Iranians an excuse to pocket the concessions and walk away.

The Russia talks have collapsed and our administration won’t do anything. They are concerned that the sanctions might hurt Iran, giving Iran an excuse to renege on the deal and Iran supports Assad.

Obama will only accept a bill that he can rewrite from the White House at will.

The administration also demanded that lawmakers strip out mandatory requirements so that Obama can waive sanctions at his discretion, congressional aides said.

Therefore, the president has sent the message that whether the nuclear deal prohibits non-nuclear sanctions or if it prevents the U.S. from taking action against Iranian aggression more generally, it would cause tension between the White House and Congress.

The administration doesn’t want Iran constrained. It might mess up his “deal”.

We are Iran’s hostages, Russia’s hostages, Assad’s hostages as they slaughter our allies. That sends a strong message to whatever allies we still have.

Currently, in Iraq, US “advisors” who have boots and are on the ground, are helping take back Mosul which Obama lost in his rapid and mindless evacuation. The people who are leading the charge are the Iranians. Iranians are moving into Iraq and living there as citizens to replace many of its own citizens.

The Iranian commander has been threatening to kill our soldiers as they help him take control of Mosul. The Shia – Iranian-backed forces – will be the big winners no doubt.