Secularists Ban God from the DNC Convention


Last night we heard the First Lady talk about the government owning us instead of the other way around [check out the last video]. Why?

The reason is because the current administration is filled with committed secularists who will not allow anything to get in the way of the government Utopia, especially not God. Religion certainly won’t stop the HHS mandate that many feel violates their core beliefs.

Why would Dick Durbin wig out when asked a simple question?

The question asked was why did the Democrats take the word “God” out of the Democratic platform? Durbin didn’t answer the question, instead he set up a straw man by pretending the interviewer, Bret Baier, was calling Democrats godless. No one said the Democrats were godless and Durbin knows it. He wanted to evade the question.

Why did he want to evade the question? Did he simply not have an answer or did he want to hide a secularist agenda because Americans aren’t completely ready for it? It’s your call.

The government is the only thing we all belong to:

Does Obama believe Jerusalem is the capital of Israel? You know the answer.