Seems Bernie Sanders’ Commies Are Calling Blacks ‘Stupid Monkeys’, Violence Threatened


The University of South Carolina has an investigation going because of flyers put up on a school billboard that have some black students threatening violence. The posters referred to black students as ‘stupid monkeys’.

“You stupid monkeys handed Trump the White House the minute you handed Hillary the nomination!” one of the flyers reportedly stated.

Another of the signs at the University of South Carolina says ”You Stupid Monkeys”, with an additional flyer referring to Blacks as being ”simpletons”.

Other signs were found saying ”Dumb Black Asses”, which could also be found hanging in the vicinity of school grounds located both inside and around Gambrell Hall, according to ABC Columbia.


Both signs say Mr. Trump was elected because black people voted for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over Sen. Bernie Sanders. The signs refer to black people as “simpletons,” “dumb” and “stupid monkeys.”

Bernie Sanders Supporters are likely responsible for the spread of the flyers. The Communists are angry with the lack of support for the self-proclaimed ”Democratic Socialist” among black people. As they express their anger, they are letting everyone know what bigots they are.

Several of the flyers made direct references to Hillary Clinton, and others mentioned Donald Trump, according to CBS.

The Goldwater posted exchanges of black students threatening violence because that seems to be the way the left likes to handle difficulties.


  1. As usual, the Blacks self identify and use any excuse to riot and poop everywhere but in the bathroom. I’m sure that Senator Bernie Sanders was not referring to the Blacks but to all of the stupid people who let Hillary buy their votes and be bullied into her foal. It won’t be long before no one will listen to the bleating of the blacks about every stinking little IMAGINED slight. These politicians urge the Blacks to continue to be victims, keep them focused on bullshit instead of helping them get ahead. Keep falling for that crap.

  2. Ah, Bernie Sanders’ supporters, the same Occupy Wall Street dopes (or the likes thereof) who told Blacks attempting to join OWS that they’re not welcome and that they should go to Occupy Newark and protest with their own kind.

    Several years later after not reading the memo, Blacks at University of South Carolina are shocked yet still clueless that these are the Marxist douche bags with whom they have cast their lot? That the the Dreamers, if Progressives are successful, who will take their jobs, their future and their power, if Democrats have their way.

    The silver lining, of course, will be the revelations that is sure to come if Progressvies are successful along with the revelations that that the likes of the SPLC, NAACP, CBC, Sharpton, Obama, Jackson etc. sold their souls and that of Black Progressives because the votes of illegal aliens will nullify the need for the Black vote. No amount of fisticuffs will soothe the bruised egos.

    Monkeys? No (so offensive) but stupid? YES! Enablers? Most definitely.

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