Sen. Feinstein Argued for Concealment of 1000s of NEW Classified Emails on Weiner’s Computer


This is big news and not what the media has been reporting. During today’s congressional hearings, Director Comey revealed that Anthony Weiner’s laptop contained THOUSANDS of new and classified Clinton emails. Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner had classified U.S. documents on his laptop alongside vulgar photos and sexting messages.

FBI Director Comey said the reason he announced the re-opening of the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails on October 28th was he could not engage in a cover up – he couldn’t hide it is how he phrased it.

Senator Dianne Feinstein made it clear she wanted Jim Comey to cover up the discovery of thousands of new classified documents on Weiner’s computer. Let that sink in.

Comey explained that he had two choices when he was told of the thousands of new emails. One was a terrible decision to notify Congress and the other was concealment which would be a catastrophic decision for the FBI as an independent agency. Comey said he had to go for the terrible decision.

Feinstein argued extensively for concealment since, as it turned out, the decision about the emails remained the same in the end.

She has said in the past that there was no new information on Weiner’s computer when she knew that wasn’t true from their closed-door meetings. During Wednesday’s hearing, she continued to say there was no new information even after the FBI Director explained there were thousands of new classified emails.

Hillary had classified emails forwarded to Anthony Weiner by her aide Huma Abedin, and, as Sean Spicer tweeted earlier, “Sleep well America”.

Hillary repeated again last week that she would have won the election if Comey hadn’t sent that letter. That would be the letter that responded to her top aide sending thousands of classified emails to pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop. But, it’s not her fault for being “extremely careless”, it’s Comey’s.

Comey also told Senator Graham that Weiner having possession of these classified documents might have been illegal if he didn’t have the proper classification. Graham noted Weiner did not.

Wikileaks tweeted in response to Comey’s testimony.

This was reported a number of times though the media was uninterested.


  1. I watched a lot of Comey’s testimony today, he said a lot that didn’t make sense, Anthony Weiner had 1000’s of Hillary’s classified emails on his laptop, and its no big deal???? Comey also made a comparison between Wilkileaks and say a reporter for the NY Times, its ok for the reporter to receive classified info from the intelligence community and print it in the Times (not illegal for the reporter, but illegal for the person that released it to the reporter) it falls under freedom of speech, but its not ok for Wilkileaks to receive similar info and release it because, as Comey said Wilkileaks releases info that could damage our national security?????? WHAT???

  2. Comey did not investigate whether or not Weiner had a clearance? That is an open admission that he did not do his job. The FBI is very involved in the issuing of clearances. Weiner had thousands of classified emails on his sex computer, and the FBI did not determine if he had the right to access those documents?

  3. Comey said he didn’t think Weiner read any of the emails. so I guess its OK!!! no need for a clearance!!!!! I gotta believe it might take 10 minutes for the F.B.I. to find out if he had a clearance, i’m sure theres some sorta database!!!

  4. 99% percent of the us congress is corrupt! we have not had a good president since the early 1900’s (ike tried), im more pissed at american citizens who keep sending millionaires to solve our problems, and now a billionaire for president, were f….

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