Sen. Grassley Will Follow the Rules to Schedule Hearings for a New Justice


Charles Grassley

Sen. Chuck Grassley will follow the rules – the Biden rules – in scheduling confirmation hearings.

He respects the advice of Joseph Biden regarding Supreme Court nominees, and has given them an official senatorial name, the “Biden Rules”, as Biden outlined in his 1992 speech.


Biden’s rules are that a Justice must not be nominated or approved during a presidential election year.

“Justice Scalia’s death marks the first time a sitting Supreme Court justice has passed away in a presidential election year in 100 years,” Grassley, chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, said in the Senate yesterday.

In 1992, Biden “emphasized that in four vacancies that arose during a presidential election year, the president exercised restraint and withheld from making a nomination until after the election,” Grassley declared. He added, “One of those presidents was Abraham Lincoln.”

Grassley then quoted from the vice president’s 1992 speech.

In 1992, Biden publicly advised President George H.W. Bush not to nominate anyone at all, should a seat open up on the High Court. But if the president chose to make a Supreme Court nomination anyway, Biden added, “the Senate Judiciary Committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until after the political campaign season is over.”

Grassley called these the “Biden Rules.”

He noted that Biden pledged in 1992 that these rules would not be an attempt to game the system.

Chairman Grassley made clear that he intends to follow the Biden Rules if President Barack Obama makes a Supreme Court nomination to fill Justice Scalia’s seat.


  1. There are plenty of “Republican” senators already lining up to knowingly commit malicious acts against the American people. Here is the list I’ve amassed so far:
    Mark Kirk, Ill CR 19%
    Ron Johnson of Wisconsin 60%
    Dan Coats Indiana
    Susan Collins of Maine, 14%
    Lisa Murkowski  of Alaska 20%
    (percentage following names is their CR rating)
    no doubt as days pass, there will be more. Important to note, should only 14 Republicans vote “yea” to an Obama nominee, they will be approved. You will recall Senator Lindsey Graham enumerated, chapter and verse, every very valid reason neither Sotomayor nor Kagan should not be approved, then promptly voted, “yea,” the rest is history.

    Many Republicans are still of the opinion, a president’s nominees should be respected, NEVER EVER acknowledging Democrats offer NO such respect to Republican presidents. A couple of President Bush’s nominees were held up for two years! In fact, the DEMOCRATS were first to ever use the filibuster to block Bush SCOTUS nominees.

    Just one of an endless list of eGOP’s unbelievable stupidity and betrayal of their people and WHY it is their people have had enough of them.

    • I’ll be shocked if they don’t betray us but Grassley’s comments are hopeful. If it doesn’t get to the floor, we have a shot. Reid never let a thing get to the floor.

      We’re done if they get the SCOTUS they want. Fox is already talking about how two are very moderate and Congress couldn’t turn them down. Meanwhile, even the most moderate are on the left, period.

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