Sen. McCain Insults President Trump From His Hospital Bed, Wait Until You Hear Why


I’m praying for McCain’s health but I’m also praying he stays away from the Senate. His health issues today didn’t keep him from reaching out to his followers to trash the President as “irresponsible”, “shortsighted” and playing into “Russia, Assad’s hands”.

His comments came after Trump announced he was canceling a failed program to train and arm Syrian fighters to take on ISIS. We think the senator from Arizona should rest and stop tweeting.

It’s not only McCain who is unhappy, anonymous sources are unhappy too. One told the Washington Post that it is only a way to improve relations with Russia.

WaPo sees Russia everywhere and in all things.

The president made the call to drop the very, very expensive program after an Oval Office sitdown with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and national security adviser H.R. McMaster ahead of Trump’s meeting with Putin at the G20 in Germany on July 7.

Not everyone was unhappy. Some said it simply reflected the reality of the situation on the ground, where Assad, backed by the Russians, appeared to be gaining the upper hand, the Post reported.

It cost $10 million per Syrian fighter, we kid you not

The program is supposed to train and arm Syrians to fight Assad. While I haven’t closely followed the program since 2015, I was shocked to learn it was still ongoing. By September of 2015, two years after it began, 4 soldiers had been trained to fight ISIS at a cost of $41 million.

Originally they found 60 Syrians to fight the 20,000 to 30,000 ISIS militants. All but 4 or 5 had been killed, captured or had disappeared. Some suggest the ones who disappeared were fighting with ISIS.

It is hard to find “moderate” rebels.

Also in 2015, a U.S.-trained rebel brigade handed over six pickup trucks and ammunition — which was one quarter of their issued kit — to Jabhat al-Nusra, which was then Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria.

At the time, McCain was very critical of the way the program was going.

This brief clip is from the hearing at the time:

In 2015, the Pentagon responded to the failure by training more at great expense.

In 2016, it was revealed that the Pentagon had spent $500 million of taxpayers’ money in order to train 5,000 rebel fighters, but that the program was shut down after reportedly only producing five fighters, according to the Clarion Project.



  1. Many condemned Trump when he called out McCain. McCain has been noted for having a sordid past. It is quite possible Trump was aware of what follows, especially considering his regard for military personnel.

    He has been given a great deal of deference because of his POW status, And has capitalized on that. His fellow POW’s weren’t so complimentary. They have accused him of being a “songbird” because he immediately sought favorable treatment by his captors by giving the enemy information. There is video where he condemned the US. In that video his arms were broke and it is said he didn’t keep his arms close when ejecting from the aircraft which resulted in his broken arms.

    There was video of McCain when he first arrived back in the US and he leisurely walked off the plan with no seeming ill effects, yet, when he visited the White House he appeared a cripple.

    In the early 80’s when there was a push to find out if there were additional POW/MIA’s still in captivity it was McCain, along with Kerry that walked out of the hearing and eventually shut down the investigation.

    There are also the accusations of his failure as a pilot. It is said he capitalized on his Admiral fathers name. Evidently he had crashed several aircraft. It was His aircraft that caused the devastating Forrestal fire, the ship I served on. One of the bombs on that aircraft jettisoned across the flight deck and struck another aircraft causing the catastrophic fire engulfing nearly the entire flight deck. A great many lost their lives as a result.

  2. Gotta side with Trump on this particular issue. Training a small number of fighters is much more expensive and not nearly as effective as deploying regular military troops plus maybe dropping 30k cheap but powerful single shot weapons and same number rounds of ammo to areas known to be populated with civilians and not many enemy fighters. I’m thinking 6″ total length thread-on barrel in front with any cheap single shot firing mechanism and small 2 finger grip in back, about 11″ pistol length overall, thinner steel than most firearms, light weight, tight, smooth and straight smooth or rifled bore, .40S&W maximum expansion hollow point or .357 Magnum. Good chance of a 1 stop shot and better than no chance of taking an enemy’s weapon and getting a bit of leverage/deterrence. Plus, a single use disposable weapon dropped near friendly or neutral civilians would mean less chance of the enemy getting many if any of them or being willing or able to use them.

  3. McCain is a douche bag turncoat, I don’t care how he goes, just as long as he goes. Let’s just hope that those idiots in Arizona don’t give us another one like him

  4. I certainly have a great empathy for John McCain and his family with what they are facing as my family has suffered through this a few times, however, this does not change his past! I do not feel that he is anything other than detrimental to the Republican Party and hope that he decides to retire and spend the time he has left, however long that may be, with his family and leave President Trump to do what he was elected to do . . . run the country!

  5. McCain and Hanoi Fonda should all rot in hell… Both are traitors and sold out to the Viet Cong … and McCain also voted AGAINST extending benefits to our veterans who were REAL heroes… And he is a RHINO any way… sucked up to Odumba and all the Liberals in congress instead of the Republicans that elected him to office… I just wish they would have tossed his butt out of Washington a LONG time ago,..,.

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