Sen. Sessions: “There is no doubt, immigration enforcement has been destroyed”


LA Times released a shocking report today listing DHS statistics on deportations.  As record numbers of illegals pour into our country illegally, deportations are dropping fast. Our borders are completely open.

We are not even deporting people as they come across our borders.

As one immigration lawyer said, “ICE is beginning to get it” meaning they aren’t trying to do their job of deporting illegals. He also said “it is pretty rare” for someone without a criminal record to be deported, according to the LA Times.

There was a 23% drop in interior removals in one year and fewer than half the number deported in 2011, when then-ICE Director Morton issued the so-called Morton Memos exempting almost all illegal immigrants from enforcement and removal operations.

In the 2014 report, the agency said it released about 127,000 people, including 30,862 convicted criminals — a point that drew criticism at a hearing of McCaul’s committee this week.

Jeh Johnson acknowledged the number of released criminals should be lower but said “he was tightening the rules so ICE supervisors have to approve releases.”

Sen. Sessions responded to the report Friday. He appears to be one of very few voices speaking out about our open borders and illegal criminals roaming our neighborhoods.

Sessions said, “The effective result of the Administration’s non-enforcement policy is that anyone in the world who manages to get into the interior of the United States—by any means, including overstaying a visa—is free to live, work, and claim benefits in the United States at Americans’ expense. Again: this is the result of lawless orders issued by this Administration.”

Why would anyone think that this is a good public safety policy?

“This policy explains why more than 250,000 individuals are estimated to have overstayed their visas in 2012 and remained in the country unlawfully, Sessions said in a statement on his website today. “It also explains why in 2014 only a miniscule 0.05% of the nation’s roughly 12 million illegal immigrants were removed who were not explicit agency ‘priorities.’ If you don’t meet a ‘priority,’ you are basically immune from enforcement. Even including ‘priority’ cases, 99% of illegal immigrants were still placed beyond the reach of immigration law.”

“In fact, the removal of criminal aliens has continued to free fall,” he wrote, “and has been cut in half since 2011. DHS documents show that the Administration freed 30,000 convicted criminal aliens into U.S. communities in 2014. Overall, there are about 167,000 convicted criminal aliens who were ordered removed that are now at large in the United States, and almost as many at large who were released before being ordered removed.”

“So total is the collapse of enforcement that even those showing up at the border are being released en masse into the interior of the country. According to the stats published by the LA Times, a mere 852 individuals who arrived—this year or in prior years—as part of a ‘family unit’ were sent home in 2014. Yet in 2014 alone, 66,000 members of family units had arrived illegally by August. In other words, even if you assume 600 of the 852 arrived in 2014, that means less than 99 percent of the new illegal immigrants who showed up this year with relatives were not removed from the United States.”

Sessions added, “There is no doubt: immigration enforcement has been destroyed by this President. But America must understand the situation can be remedied: if the public elects officeholders who will demand enforcement—at the worksite, the welfare office, and all ports of entry—the lawlessness can swiftly be ended.”

“The current situation does not have to continue. Under existing law, these trends can be immediately reversed—all that is required is a President who is true to his duty to see that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed.”

What are the chances that will happen?

This is extremely dangerous and we will pay a terrible price, our children will pay a terrible price.


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