Senate Amnesty Bill Will Cost $6.3 Trillion over Next 50 years



The Heritage Foundation completed a report this week which estimates the cost of legalizing 11 million unlawful immigrants at $6.3 trillion over the next fifty years.

This does not consider the chain migration that this bill sets up and which could double or triple that number.

Heritage claims this figure is on the conservative end and will likely be higher.

The report looks at government benefits and services like Social Security, Medicare, welfare, food assistance, and food stamps, which are not currently available to unlawful immigrants. Some of the unlawful immigrants have children who are legal and are already receiving services, those are not factored in – they would come off the $6.3 trillion dollar number.

Opponents say the legalization of 11million unlawful immigrants will fuel economic growth as immigration has done historically. Senator DeMint responds to that by saying the type of immigrants we are considering for legalization are far less educated than immigrants were in 1960, which makes all the difference.

The immigrants under consideration will not contribute enough to the system. They will take $6.3 trillion out of the economy over the next fifty years as opposed to contributing to the economy.

Senator DeMint said there is no way to look at this immigration bill and say it’s good for the American taxpayer.

Senator DeMint explains:

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